Etwas... was?

Can you give an example of when people shorten "etwas" to just " 'was", and when I should NOT do this! I always avoid doing this not to mess up!

August 9, 2012


Generally speaking, "etwas" can be (and usually is) shortened to just "was" in colloquial speech. You don't usually see this in formal speech or in writing.

August 9, 2012

for germans the word "etwas" means a undifined small quantity. "Iss was" -> "Eat something" , but "Iss etwas" sounds like "Eat a little bit". In generaly siebolt is right. The safe side is to use "etwas". That's nearly alway correct. :)

August 13, 2012

And if you want to stay on the safe side: always write etwas. But: in a question : Was ist das?

August 9, 2012
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