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  5. "Hij is homo en getrouwd."

"Hij is homo en getrouwd."

Translation:He is gay and married.

July 22, 2014



WOW! Such a progressive sentence.


Well, the Netherlands WAS the first country to legalise same-sex marriage.


Well, it doesn't say he is married to a man.


Is "homo" the p.c. term in dutch?


I hear it often in the Netherlands, so I presume so. I do find it hard to switch off the negative connotations attached to similar English words. Another example would be "spastisch".


Yes, it is used regularly in newspapers, for example. It always feels a little funny to me, since "homo" is not certainly not a nice term in English.


Also in German it's not a nice term. Although Homo is used by gay people as well, it always sounds a tad offensive when used by others.


The official pc term is homoseksueel, often shortened to homo. Homo has a few more negative overtones for being short and therefore lazy, but overall it's fine to use. If you want to be really pc, go with homoseksueel though.


They use it, when my local bartender says it trust me he is not saying it in a nice way !


Go duolingo for including this


Wow! "He is homo" in English would not fly at all.


I expected the Latin meaning of homo for some reason. Loan words are weird.


People get confused about the prefix "homo" from Greek meaning "the same" (homosexual, homogenized, homonym, etc.) and the Latin noun "homo" meaning "human being" (homo sapiens, homo erectus, homo naledi). (Of course, people can also get confused when people say "homo" means "man" (used to mean the species) and some think that it refers to adult males. See Charles Rycroft, A Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis (New York: Basic Books, 1968): "The homo in homosexual derives from the Greek homos meaning 'same,' and not from the Latin homo , a 'man'; hence, homosexual can be applied to women as well as men.")


Yeah, loan words can get really ambiguous sometimes.


They couldn't think of another word besides "homo"?


Homo is a short version of homoseksueel


Same here in English. Except that it morphed into a derisive slur. Even "homosexual" itself sounds somewhat antiquated and overly technical/clinical; it is almost starting to sound like a slur. I believe it's the term that psychology used when they considered "homosexuality" to be a mental disorder. To me, it takes on the same kind of connotations that the word "Negro" does in many cases. I think the preferred terminology in English today is "gay".


Some younger people use gay.


Sure in Duolingo to study Italian this sentence is not included.... I love the netherlands. :-)


Homo has been reappropriated by lots of peeps in the queer community


In English or Dutch? "Queer" itself had become a slur up until about a decade to a decade and a half ago in the English language. It has been rapidly re-appropriated since then. It doesn't sound the least bit shocking today whereas in the late 90's and early 00's, it was right up there with "faggot".


DL pushing the gay agenda!


homo is used in english as well, so i think the translation "he is home and married" should also be accepted


It's used in English, but in a pejorative sense. I don't know if English is your first language, but if you said "He is (a) homo" it would be taken quite offensively.

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