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  5. "Ces frites sont très salées."

"Ces frites sont très salées."

Translation:These fries are very salty.

April 28, 2020



We in the UK say 'chips' which should be accepted. Reported.


In SA we also call them chips. Definitely not fries! Still learning. See there is a real American slant in a lot of exercises. Not complaining, just saying.


I am British and we do not say fries - in English they are chips. Duo should learn to speak British English too. We Brits using Duolingo have to understand American English as well as British English. The Americans should make the effort to understand British English!

[deactivated user]

    Your point about the UK and US English is good. But you have to pay attention to the word "chips" because it exists in French too. The fries/chips like McDonald's one are "frites" in french. But the thin slices of potatoes like Pringles are "chips" in french.


    We call the French 'chips' crisps in the UK.


    cool that`s true.


    Oui je suis d'accord. Ces frites aux frites contiennent beaucoup de sel.


    They may eat fries in America but in the uk we eat chips.


    What about chips instead of fries?

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