sound problem

Is anyone missing the sound in Scottish Gaelic? I have had no sound for 10 days now and yet there is sound for other languages. Ideas?

April 28, 2020


[deactivated user]

    There is a help page where you can report a problem, that might be useful, best of luck.

    No issues here. Since you've got two posts about it now, you can edit this one and change the forum to 'troubleshooting' to move it.

    You need to give more info though.. on the device you're using, the browser, when it stopped working and what you were doing at the time...

    With that info you can also send a bug report:

    But how come the audio is fine for other languages? Thanks to all for the suggestions.

    Always worth trying to switch your phone off and on again and updating your Duolingo app.

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