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"I think there are too many trucks on the roads."

Translation:Je pense qu'il y a trop de camions sur les routes.

April 28, 2020



Is it always "SUR les routes" but "DANS les rues"?


Difference between croire and penser

[deactivated user]

    Croire = Believe & Penser = Think


    In the context of expressing a firm opinion. both verbs are interchangable here. In fact, DL accepts both, provided the rest of your sentence is OK.


    Penser not Trouver now. Which is it?


    Penser trouver croire are they all interchangeable ?


    I find them to be interchangeable in English, too. At least, I believe so. What do you think?


    I think that "je trouve" is a slightly awkward fit here.

    If you were writing a report, then fine. But if you were saying it to the other passengers in a car then I think you would run the risk of sounding pretentious.
    (Said the pot to the kettle. 😊)

    In my opinion, "je trouve" is a considered opinion, something that you have put some thought into, or something where you have the benefit of experience.


    If they want 'les routes' why is there only 'routes' and 'des routes' in the drop down hints? really annoying!!!


    Maybe it's an attempt to get you to think for yourself?


    "Je crois qu'il y a trop de camions sur les routes" was accepted.

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