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  5. "The vegetables are fresh."

"The vegetables are fresh."

Translation:De groente is vers.

July 22, 2014



Why isn't this sentence "De groenten zijn vers?" Because the sentence that is the 'correct answer,' doesn't that translate to "The vegetable is fresh?" Not, "The vegetables are fresh."


I just entered "de groenten zijn vers" and it marked me correct for it, but it did give "de groente is vers" as another correct answer. It's confusing when the answers aren't what you've been taught to this point...


Is Duolingo never going to answer this question? Why, why, why is the word 'zijn' not used here !!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm guessing it's similar to English 'fruit'. In English you can say "we eat fruit" but it's clear that you're not talking about one single piece of fruit, but fruit in general. It's called a non-count noun.


It is similar to German where "Gemüse" (groente) and "Obst" (fruits) are also uncountable nouns. Grammatically, it isn't wrong to say "they are fresh" but it's rarely used and would earn you confused glances. So "the vegetables are fresh" = "de groente is veers".


English sentence is plural and the Dutch is singular?


This sentance is wrong. When I litteraly translate this sentence it should be De groentes zijn vers As they mention vegetables - more than 1 veggie De groente is vers = the vegetable is fresh

Nobody says de groente is vers in the NL


Also wondering why "is" is the right answer here.... Are vegetables considered kind of like a mass noun?


If you say "de groente" you have to put "is" but if you say "de groenten" then you have to put "zijn" :

singular with singular, plural with plural


On this page "groente" is given as the correct answer (which I gave) but was corrected with "groenten". This is seriously wrong/confusing.


Then you probably used zijn instead of is.


the direct translation of is is is... zijn should be the correct answer here...


Why vers and not verse?


Still groente instead of groenten... its plural...

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