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French book club?

Is anyone here who would like to start a French book club?

April 28, 2020



I would be very interested in participating in it.
But i don't have the time to organize it, if that's what you are looking for.


Is serais Interessant mais je peux lis seulement des livres très simple. Je veux lis «Harry Potter et l'ecole Sorcière» mais cette livre est peut être tros difficile pour moi.


tu a fais des fautes Ce serais intéressant mais je lis seulement des livres très simple. Je veux lire «Harry Potter et l'école des Sorciers » mais ce livre est trop difficile pour moi.


Toi aussi, tu as fait des erreurs: Tu as fait des fautes. Ce serait intéressant mais je lis seulement des livres très simple. Je veux lire <> mais ce livre est trop difficile pour moi.


I second this.


A club takes some organization and a means of communications. One method that's simple is to post book suggestions in response to your post. Stefano83467 suggested Le petit prince. For me that's still a little advanced. I really like Sylvie Lainé's books which are available on Amazon. I have one in paperback format and most of her books on Kindle. They are for beginners. The stories are simple but not simplistic. She defines harder words. I first got "Le pendentif" a couple of years ago and I can read it more easily now. It's mostly present tense (she has a past tense version, too). She has an MP3 recording of herself reading the book available on the Internet, too. (The link is broken in the English version of the book, but there is an edition for German speakers where the link still worked: tinyurl.com/sylvielaine). I also enjoyed "The Usborne Book of Everyday Words in French" by Jo Litchfield, which is an illustrated book with lots of words. Kind of a kid's book but useful. Another great book that gives a different approach to learning French (and is hard to find since it was published in 1959) is çMadrigal's Magic Key to French" by Margarita Madrigal. There are scans of the book on-line, though you might have to navigate a torrent to find one, and it shows up on eBay at times. At least one library in Ohio has a copy, which I borrowed before I found a copy on eBay. And I do have "Le petit prince!" God bless!


A French teacher named 'Elsa' has recorded lessons of her reading and explaining vocabulary / grammar of 'Le petit prince.' You can access all videos she made on this book and read along:


Her channel is full of informative French videos. Give it a go!



merci! Have a lingot, thanks for sharing


Ask the person that organizes the Italian Book Club for some pointers.


There is a french animated show / anime "Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir" which first releases in French (as the setting of the story is in Paris after all) and later English...


J'adore Lady bug et Cat Noir!!!!


I love that show, its amazing


Je suis d'accord! C'est une bonne idée.


Sure! I would love any chance to practice my French with someone else!


C'est une très bonne idée pour rester motivé. Peut-être sur Facebook et nous pouvons créer un groupe ou quelque chose de plus anonyme si vous le souhaitez.


C'est une très bonne idée! Il existe de nombreux livres français intéressants allant de la lecture facile à la lecture avancée. Je serais incroyablement intéressé!


it's not a bad idea but i would only be interested if we read very short books (or even short stories and poems) originally written in french. i think we would also need to go very slowly, twenty pages a week or so. my initial suggestions would be classics like

flaubert 'un coeur simple'

guy de maupassant 'la parure'

prosper mérimée 'la vénus d'ille'

i don't know much about more recent short fiction in french, and i think we should be careful not to read just male writers.


I feel great, because I just got my sibling to start learning French yesterday!


I don't know, what book?


Oui, Je veux joindre


I suggest Le petit prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. You can find audiobook on youtube, its easy to understand and a beautiful book


Oui, ça se lit bien.


Oui, Je pense il est une bonne idée. Camus's PLAQUE? ou Delpine de Vegan's REIN NE S'OPPOSE À LA NUIT est sur ma liste lire en français; mais je ne sûre pas je suis prêt. Je ferais mieux de commencer per articles de journal ou livre pour enfants.


i didn't know camus wrote a book about dental hygiene - that sounds terrifying


je te conseille le petit prince is a good book


yes i would love to!




How can I join (if you have already organized one)?


Yes- could we also have, like, classic books/shorts such as A Scandal in Bohemia?(A Sherlock Holmes adventure for those of you who are wondering) And perhaps we, ourselves, could write it? My only question is where would we have the book club?


J'aime le Sherlock Holmes! Surtot 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'.


yes yes, most definitely.


Great idea, I'd love to join!


it's interesting if we do the translation on the written sentences


Une idée très intéressante.


I learn french but i dont think I am good enough to join a book club yet. but you do you


Je suis une débutante, mais oui ! :-D


Oui, I'd love to join, but I just started learning French. I don't know if I can understand much.


This would be great! I will be following this discussion.


Of course, that would be amazing.


Good idea. Where might we get one? My library has some non-English books, but mostly Asian. Actually a lot more French films than books. The used books stores in town may have a limited selection.

[deactivated user]

    Bibliothèque des Amériques (Free Modern French Ebooks for all Ages)

    You may enjoy the following sites:

    Young readers

    Also try:

    Reading A-Z

    For the young adult reading level, try levels U through Z. There are 104 books available for this level of reading. Click on the level, and the list of books will appear below.

    I am able to read them online free with the following procedure:

    1. Right click on the book title and choose "open link in a new tab".

    2. Then by using my touch screen I just enlarge the book, like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

    3. Now the book is big enough to read online.

    4. To look up words, I arrange the windows for google translate and the book side by side and click the star in google translate to keep a list of the vocabulary I've looked up.

    5. Review the google phrasebook anytime. Notice the speaker button next to each word in the list to listen to the pronunciation.


    Sounds like a good idea


    Oui! I was looking at French books on http://www.schoenhofs.com I was thinking of finding books in the B1-B2 range....


    Yes! Great idea!


    On duolingo or on other support?


    I might be interested. If I could give some book recommendations, I've read Le Petit Prince and I bought this book called L'étranger. The former is a common children's book, the latter is more intermediate from what I know. Also, if you want more children's stories, Le Petit Nicholas is a good collection of smaller ones (though I have only read a few).


    Yes, I'd like to join in. Not able to organize but could offer suggestions of book titles etc.


    Oui je veux participer


    I would like to join!


    Ouis, bien sur!


    After reading the posts, I think it might be a good idea to have two levels - perhaps "Le Petit Prince" for beginners or those unsure of their French language skills, and another book (I would vote for Albert Camus' L'Etranger) or, we could take a vote among the most popular suggested books like the Italian Book Club does for the higher level book club.


    I would love to participate.


    J'adore cette idéa! Quels livres aimez vous lire?


    I have only just started learning French, but this sounds like a good idea.


    Moi, je suis aussi très interessant. Qui peut l'organiser? (je peux aider, un peu...) Et comment est-ce que nous discuterions les livres? Je vois, écrit ici, deux livres proposés (l'Étranger et le Petit Prince). Je suis d'accord à tous les deux.


    I would love to do this, but can we start off easy? I am only at the second checkpoint.

    I would need to know a couple things before we start:

    1. What books we read
    2. How to get them
    3. When and where each meeting would be

    I am hoping this is real. I haven't seen you answer anyone's questions in the comments.


    I would like to join. c'est une bonne idée.


    I recommend the book l'etranger (I can't do accents on my computer) by albert campus. Not only does the narrator speak in regular french, it is set in Algeria, and you can learn a lot about the culture. It is also a fascinating take on psychopathy ( I think that's a word?)


    Yes! I'm definitely interested. If there's anyway I can help just let me know!


    L'étranger ou le petit prince semble une bonne idée quand allons nous commencer j aimerais participer bien sur mais en anglais je suis un débutant motivé The stranger or the little prince seems like a good idea when are we going to start I would like to participate of course, but in English I am just a motivated beginner


    oui, s'il vous plaît


    I would love to start a french book club, only I started a few weeks, well restarted so I can't read or speak it very well.

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