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  5. "Hai una guida della città?"

"Hai una guida della città?"

Translation:Do you have a guide of the city?

July 22, 2014



Wouldn't "Do you have a guide TO the city" be more natural in English?


That would imply being guided from out of the city to the city not around the city. The more natural thing to say would be "Do you have a city guide?" which is accepted on DL


I don't agree. "Guide to the City" sounds fine to me, though "City Guide" is more natural.


It depends on whether you are asking for a person or a book. In the latter case it would be normal in UK English to ask for a 'city guide'.


"Guide to the City" = "City Guide", and both are good US English.

US English doesn't use "Guide of the City", but does use "Map of the City".

"Map to the [location]" is used for when you're somewhere and you want to get to a specific place. "Map to the City" implies that you are outside the City and need to know how to get there. If you are in the City, use "Map to the museum" for specific instructions or a drawing of the route to take to get from where you are to the Museum. "Map to" implies a process of getting from one point to another; "Map of" implies at the very least a general overview of the entire area over which you will be traveling, noting the important features you will need to observe in order to navigate a particular route through that area.


Is this a guide as in a person who guides or guide as in wriiten information/map or asin english is either possible?


Both, I think, though confirmation welcome.


Really? It's giving me "Do you've a city guide" as the correct answer?


Do you have a city guide? - marked wrong?


Life's too short for this!


...is a bit clumsy. what about 'do you have a city guide?'


In American English, I would say a guide to the city, not a city guide. Anyway, I don't know whether DL is asking about a guide book or a human guide.


"A guide to the city" would be the standard form in both US and UK English. To be more formal, one would say "a guidebook ...". A native speaker of the US or UK would never say "a guide [or guidebook] of the city".


I tried "Do you have a guide about the city?" That's more natural English to me than "Do you have a guide of the city"!


I suppose that this is supposed to mean 'Do you have a map of the city."

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