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"This lamb is too cute; I will not eat it."

Translation:Cet agneau est trop mignon, je ne le mangerai pas.

April 28, 2020



"Cet agneau est trop mignon; je n'en mangerai pas" ... why insist on "le" instead of "en"


I believe that would translate more to "I will not eat some of it" rather than "I will not eat it". Sounds like a rather odd way to express the sentiment, like maybe you won't eat JUST some of it but rather the whole thing.


Lambs are cute!


Pourquoi tu pense que cela s'appelle un 'filet mignon' ?


I shall not eat it - je ne le mangerai pas. I will not eat eat - je ne veux pas le manger.

The distinction between shall and will still applies in some forms of English; and my instinct, when I saw the English sentence, was to take the meaning as "I don't want to eat it". Probably a minority sport now, though.


I also used en, not le.

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