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"This volleyball player jumps a lot during the game."

Translation:Ce joueur de volleyball saute beaucoup pendant le match.

April 28, 2020



anything wrong with using 'jeu' rather than 'match' for 'game'. 'Ce joueur de volleyball saute beaucoup pendant le jeu' was marked wrong


To build on what Jojo said, jeu is a "game" as in an activity. So Monopoly, hide-and-seek, and backgammon are all jeux. It also refers to a set of things--if you buy a pack of four of something, and the packaging is in English and French, it might say "jeu de 4", and also a deck of cards is a jeu de cartes.

You can't use it to refer to a specific instance of people playing a sport, like the final game of the World Cup or the basketball game you watched on TV last night.


Ah! Now I understand the difference between those two french words. Thanks!


So how do you say "Game, Set and Match!" in French?


It does not translate game in that case.


Sometimes we don't see a mistake in a sentence we wrote even if there is a fault in it. Please copy your answer next time so that someone can help you.


What's the difference between jouer and jouese, aside from gender?


"jouer" is the verb "to play". The noun "the player" is "le joueur".


Why can't we translate match as match?


What "match"? This sentence uses "game".

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