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Finished Assignments Disappearing

I have a couple of issues: 1) I try to access the students' records during the day to see how they are doing and I am not able to access the records. 2) I have parents who tell me their student works on an assignment and as soon as it is finished, the work they have done disappears. 3) I logged on as one of my students. Her mother told me that she was finished with the assignment. On my assignment page, it shows she hasn't started yet, but when I logged on to her page using her log-in and password, it shows she has completed part of the assignments. Please advise.

April 28, 2020



Hello, you have reached the general public, not a Duolingo staff helpline.

You might get better answers sooner if you Edit your comment, go to the top and change the topic on the drop-down list to a different forum from this one (General Duolingo in English).

Better forum options would be Educators (to reach fellow Educators) or Troubleshooting (for general Duolingo problems that the general public deals with). The other Educators should know how to help you.

Here is the Duolingo Help Center (group of articles to read) with articles specific to Educators and Students:



I've moved this to the Educators forum. There are currently issues involving progress sync between a student's account and the Schools dashboard.

If you can email teachers@duolingo.com with the student's username, I can investigate further.


Thank you so much!

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