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"We swim because it does not rain."

Translation:Wij zwemmen, omdat het niet regent.

July 22, 2014



in this case, can you not say.. "Wij zwemmen, omdat het regent niet."?


Apparently you would have to use 'want' instead of omdat. I don't understand why though.


I was more referring to where to put "niet" in the sentence. Because i thought it was correct to say, "omdat het regent niet."


I think this happens because of inversion. The main sentence is "Wij zwemmen" and so the second part of the sentence must be inverted "omdat het niet regent".

I think you could also say: "omdat het regent niet, zwemmen wij." In which the inversion happens in the secondary sentence.


OMDAT structure: omdat + subject + rest (T tijd - adverb of time, O object - direct object, P plaats - adverb of space) + verb 1 + verb/verbs 2 - Ik ben zo laat omdat ik geen zin had eerder te komen. - Ik ga naar bed omdat ik moe ben. - Ik drink een glaasje bier, omdat ik dorst heb - We zwemmen, omdat het niet regent.

if you begin with omdat/als/dat: Omdat het niet regent, gaan wij zwemmen.

WANT structure: want + subject + verb 1 + rest (T tijd - adverb of time, O object - direct object, P plaats - adverb of space) + verb 2 - Ik ben zo laat want ik had geen zin eerder te komen. - Ik ga naar bed want ik ben moe. - Ik drink een glaasje bier, want ik heb dorst. - Wij zwemmen, want het regent niet.

hope this helps for the position of "niet" and other words


I too wondered about this and put niet in the wrong place. Why is this wrong?


Yeah, I got marked wrong for 'omdat', even though I thought they were synonymous and the rest of the lesson didn't really use 'want'? Oh well.


So, why not "wij zwemmen want het is niet regent "? Is that because "want" is more for "for" rather than "because"?


There are so many conjunctions meaning "because", how do I know which one to use?


Omdat vs. doordat (in Dutch): http://taaladvies.net/taal/advies/vraag/598/omdat_doordat/

I can't follow the explanation perfectly, but the gist seems to be that "doordat" is used when there is cause-effect relationships, and "omdat" is for action-motivation relationships. The page has examples.

The page also says that, in modern usage, "omdat" is always ok.

So in this sentence, "doordat" is inappropriate because "wij zwemmen" involves human will.


Thank you for the link, I think I understood most of it (not all, I just started to learn dutch!). And thank you for also explaining in English. I hope I will soon be able to use the dutch descriptions, without the need for an English explanation.

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