good morning

April 28, 2020

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I am Mohamed from Egypt .. you?

Lucy from USA

I am trynna improve my English so I am here .. you could use some Arabic you know

I master the Arabic language :)

Oh really !! How come?

I lived in Saudi Arabia for four years and my father is also from Saudi Arabia

طب تمام .. عاوزك تردي عليا بالعربي باة .. وباللهجة المصرية كمان لو تعرفي .. ورينا شطارتك

عربي اوكي بس مصري مدري :)

Oh it's good .. but actually I'd like to speak in English .. is your English so good or like you Arabic

Yes. it's good

تعلم لغة في 5 دقائق فقط يوميًا. مجانًا.