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French pronunciation

I just started learning French on Duolingo, and am really struggling with pronunciation! Any suggestions?

April 28, 2020



Listen to the words and try to say them the way that they say them. If that dosen't work, record your self and play it over and over.


Listen to each sentence several times. Repeat each one several times. Listen to real French.


Main thing is to keep trying. I have been working on French in Duolingo sort of for a couple of years, I guess, but really started working on it with enthusiasm last year. I have a 200+ day streak right now, which is not that important but indicates effort expended. I think my pronunciation has improved along with my understanding. Things that were hard six months ago are now easier. I try to say a few simple things in French to some of my French-speaking friends and will often get helpful responses. I also try writing in French to some friends in France and Africa and try to limit myself to things I don't have to look up. I am almost halfway through Duolingo French now. I am motivated to continue, even though it may take another year or more to finish. Keep at it and be patient with yourself. Do listen carefully and try to mimic what you hear. Enjoy the process and the progress and be proud of yourself for what you are accomplishing. Oh! I'm 70 years old (my little picture is from when I was about 21) and still excited about learning new things. God bless!

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