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  5. "It is a good morning."

"It is a good morning."

Translation:Tha deagh mhadainn ann.

April 28, 2020



It seems that "'S e deagh mhadainn a th' ann" is equivalent to "Tha deagh mhadainn ann".

The latter is used for "There is [something]" - e.g. Tha re├▓thadh ann - "There is frost". I guess it's correct to say this in either way.


I think you can say " 'S e latha math a th' ann"? So can you also say " 'S e deagh mhadainn a th' ann?"? And if not, why?


I guess this answers my question:

Madainn mhath Iain, 's e deagh mhadainn a th' ann.

Another correct solution: Madainn mhath Iain, tha deagh mhadainn ann.

So both are right?


I am so relieved that I am not the only one whom is questioning this. 'S e madainn mhath a th' ann Or Tha deagh mhadainn ann? My head is spinning..


I have the same question as Stella. When can the various forms be used?

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