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Continuously having problems with the Dutch course

[deactivated user]

    Just out of curiosity I tried the Dutch (from English) course, being Dutch myself, and I'm having two prominent issues: 1) The course has many translations that I would never use like that in native Dutch and 2) The placement test keeps 'crashing'; I get a popup saying Duolingo is experiencing problems and I should try again later. This has happened 5 times in a row so far. Also, this text box I'm typing this text in, won't allow me to use they enter key to space my text...

    July 22, 2014



    To address your problems in order:

    1. Everybody speaks their own language differently. Okay not everybody, but every region has differences. Now add to that the variations in translating a sentence from English to that language. In the Danish team, we are currently 3 people, where I come from the other end of Denmark compared to the other two. We word things very differently, and they definitely surprise me with ways of how they'd translate some sentences.
    2. The placement test is from what I can gather still a little buggy.
    3. What browser are you using? It should allow you to do spacing by double tapping. There has to be a clear line between the paragraphs for it to space it.

    [deactivated user]

      I'm using Safari (Mac). But now that you mention it, I do remember having had input problems before on another website (online grocery ordering) with this browser... maybe it's a combination of factors at work here.

      Wording is a thing with geographically dispersed area's where roughly the same language is spoken, and I would absolutely expect that, had we had such a situation. I think this issue in particular is more of a difference between literal and common use, instead of geographically different uses.


      I'm Dutch too, and I don't agree with you SvenHaers . For sure very often there are different ways you can translate things, but the standard translation almost always is either the best or close to the best IMO. This is pretty amazing given the variations there are in language (mostly caused by taste/preference and regional differences).

      Because it's only in beta for a few days, probably a lot of (good) alternative translations are still missing, by reporting your (good) translations that are not accepted (using the report button), you help the team to solve that problem.

      I'm only halfway through the tree, so the more difficult part (with more alternative translations possible) is yet to come. But so far I am impressed. I already notice a lot of alternative translations that can be expected are accepted. The course clearly is in better shape than the Dutch > English one was shortly after that was released.


      The Duolingo staff hasn't managed to fix the placement test (and many other bugs and glitches) yet, but they are aware of this issue. Things like that do require some patience, I'm afraid. ^^"

      Of course more alternative translations should be accepted, if they're in accordance with standard Dutch. Once reported, these will be included in due time.


      In order to space out text in the discussion section you will need to double return.

      Like this.

      [deactivated user]

        Oh right, thát's the part you guys got out of this ;-)

        ( I hit return like there was no end to it (pun intended) but it just wouldn't work, don't know why, it works perfectly while writing this comment )


        It's the only part I can help with.

        But you can report the alternative translations that you think should be accepted in the actual practice session or report accepted translation that you don't think should be accepted. They also sent out a message saying that there was a technical problem where some of the alternate translations weren't being accepted but should have been.


        I would imagine space bar is supposed to be the tool to space your text... o_O Once you have a text in the textbox enter key becomes submit so I usually avoid using it in untimed situations

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