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I send them the letter for them to sign up thru email

I send them the letter that had the link to my class and each one their username and password. The letter also explained about the android and the IOS. but these children are using computers. I only have one student that is using a phone since he could not get a computer and he can not find assignments.
Right now I have a mom leaving her work and going home to try and help.

April 28, 2020



Thanks for letting me know. This helps put things into perspective so I can help.

I've reached out to you in an email also, so we can continue this conversation there and see if we can get this issue resolved. :)

The mail message will appear to be from "Teacher Feedback"


Hello, you have reached the general public area in English for general problem Troubleshooting and not a Duolingo staff helpline.

For better answers faster:

You can subscribe to the Forum for Educators and move your comment to that section of the Discussion page by pressing Edit, then change Topic on the drop-down list to Educators forum, and save.

You can also read the Help Center articles written just for Educators and Students: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/categories/202010963-About-Duolingo-for-Schools

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