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"Bidh mi a' cluiche ball-basgaid a h-uile latha."

Translation:I play basketball every day.

April 28, 2020



I tried as I've been told it's a modern alternative spelling for latha, but it wasn't accepted.


Did you report it?

From the glimpse into dictionaries (esp. Colin B.D. Mark’s), latha (two-syllables) is the default word for day while (one syllable) is the form used mostly for special day names (Là Nollaige Christmas Day, etc.), so I’d suggest defaulting to latha too. But still, both are variant forms of the same word – latha with two syllables when it is a stand-alone word, and with one long syllable mostly when being a part of a compound or otherwise unstressed – and afaik should be accepted as interchangeable in all contexts.

(see also this post by akerbeltz)


I put "everyday" as a single word and was marked wrong. I did report it.


It's because "everyday" and "every day" have different meanings in English. "Everyday" is an adjective that means "usual" or "commonplace" :)


Thank you. (Head smack) I seem to have forgotten my grammar for a moment! I think it's because earlier in the lesson I was given "a h-uile latha" as the only thing being translated and did so successfully as a single word.

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