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"These stupid men like to kill tigers!"

Translation:Ces hommes stupides aiment tuer les tigres !

April 29, 2020



Ces hommes stupides aiment tuer des tigres ! was also accepted as a correct answer.


I would appreciate any insight into the difference between "les tigres" and "des tigres" in this sentence. I often struggle with which article to use in sentences that describe habitual actions and generalizations. For example there was a sentence in another exercise "I don't like to see tigers in a zoo" where it was explained that we shouldn't use "les tigres" in the translation because that would imply "all tigers." I don't think the sentence here means "These stupid men like to kill ALL tigers" so why is "les" the preferred article?


The verb "aimer" is usually followed by the definite article, not a partitive.

In this case, using "des" would convey the meaning that these stupid men like to kill SOME tigers, but not others, or that they routinely kill some tigers, whereas using "le" makes it a general statement that the men enjoy killing tigers in general.


Thank you for your response. I thought aimer was only followed by the definite article if the article came directly after aimer. So "Je n'aime pas les tigres" (article comes directly after the negated verb aimer) but "Je n'aime pas voir de tigres dans un zoo" (article comes after the verb voir, not the verb aimer, and therefore the definite article is not called for). Here as well, we have aimer + verb (tuer) + article: "Ces hommes stupides aiment tuer les tigres !"

In English, "I like to kill tigers" and "I don't like to see tigers in a zoo" feel like the same level of "general-ness." But in French that does not seem to be the case. Sorry to belabor the point! I want very much to understand the nuances of French articles, and I am improving, but sometimes the reasons for the use of one article rather than another seem too subtle for me to pick up.


You are quite correct. "Tigres" is the Object of the verb "tuer", not "aimer". This is why either "des" or "les" is valid here.

This sentence could mean either "These stupid men like to kill tigers (in general)." or "These stupid men like to kill (some) tigers.".

The other sentence means "I don't like to see (any) tigers in the zoo." and although that is mathematically the same thing as NOT [tigers in general], I am fairly confident that Sitesurf wouldn't see it that way!

Nevertheless, logic would dictate that either "de" or "les" should be accepted in that context also.


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Duo's opinion that men who kill tigers are stupid is a little harsh. Killing tigers is one of the best ways to make you feel like you don't have a small member.


ces hommes nuls aiment tuer les tigres was not accepted.


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