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"They go to high school by bike, or Sarah takes them there."

Translation:Elles vont au lycée à vélo ou Sarah les y amène.

April 29, 2020



Why "Elles" is the only accepted word, why not "Ils", all other things being exactly same? Reverse gender bias?


Ils accepted on Oct. 5 2020


Ils not accepted on Feb 6, 2021. It's so aggravating when they expect you magically know which gender to use when there's exactly zero cues in the sentence.


not on Nov 18, 2020


its ok...found my mistake


"Ils vont au lycée à vélo ou Sarah les y amène." is accepted. Throughout this course, Duo accepts masculine or feminine for things like this (sometimes singular or plural, too) and many other things depending on whether there is something in the sentence or pronunciation (on spoken exercises) that demands one form instead of another (or limited selection of tiles). Duo goes out of its way to be inclusive, though its ability to include all national forms of English words, while exemplary, sometimes falls short. Really, at this point in the French course this should be obvious. Most of the time something else is wrong in the sentence. I do that repeatedly. I got this one wrong the first time, but it was for "Ils va", not "Ils".


Thank you Duo for these much improved English sentences.


Isn't "emmener" used when you take someone to a place but don't stay there with them???


In general terms emmener is to take someone somewhere (whether you stay with them or not - you would use it for dropping someone off at the railway station, for example.). Amener is to bring someone somewhere. But I think the distinction between the two in French is as flexible as it is in English and Duolingo is not consistent in its model answers.


So the accent grave is present in the finite form but not the infinitive?


Yes - it reflects the difference in the sound of the e in amener and amène.


I think technically according to the dictionary it should be emmener. You take things to somewhere else and bring them to your current location. Amener is to bring, emmener is to take. I take the kids to school, the teacher says he's bringing his kids to school.


" les y conduit" est également bon


"amener" signifie déposer à un endroit, "emmener" c'est prendre avec soi


US and UK definition of high school may differ - collège (11-16yrs) can be high school in UK. But duo accepts lycée only

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