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"I would like a pizza without olives and onions."

Translation:Je voudrais une pizza sans olives et sans oignons.

April 29, 2020



"...without olives OR onions". Otherwise, the subject is asking for a pizza without both, rather than emphasizing that neither is acceptable. Though technically "correct", it is quite awkward in its linguistic logic, and I doubt any native speaker would say it. SnarfSnarf123 answer below is good, however in this case, with only two things listed, "une pizza sans olives ni oignons" would be best.


Why do olives and onions not need a des or les?


I too would be interested in the answer to this.


Is there no way to give a negative list efficiently in French. In English you'd just say without olives, onions, peppers, cheese etc.


Je voudrais une pizza sans olives, oignons, poivrons, ni fromage.


Both "sans" are mandatory?

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