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"I would really like to visit East Asia."

Translation:J'aimerais beaucoup visiter l'Asie de l'est.

April 29, 2020



this looks like 'the Asia of the east' to me. Please explain why I'm wrong, somebody.


It seems to me like that too. Why not the other way around?


I would understand it if we could think of de l'est as the French equvivalent of English eastern. In passing, l'est de l'Asie was accepted here. Does this mean "Asian East"?


I think of it as "Eastern" and that has not failed me yet.


Why is it l'Asie, but Europe, not l'Europe?


You would actually say J'aimerais beaucoup visiter l'Europe de l'est.


Is the definite article always used before all countries and all continents?


Except with "en", which acts as a determiner in such cases, so no article is required.

And obviously (I hope), "au" and "du" already include a definite article, so no second article is required. This is also true of "aux" and "des" (in its "de + les = des" form), which is relevant to the USA and a few other plural states.


So is the s pronounced in est or not?


It is my understanding that the s and the t are pronounced if the meaning is « east ». Which would mean the audio is incorrect.

https://dictionnaire-academie.fr/article/A9E2694 ( « s et t se prononcent »)

https://www.cnrtl.fr/morphologie/est ( « E s t »)


Why is "je voudrais vraiment visiter..." wrong? Merci


It's not grammatically wrong, but it is not likely to be appropriate in this context because it indicates an intent. You would like to do it so strongly that you intend to do it.

If you're discussing a trip with a travel agent, then it would be correct.

Don't forget that the literal meaning of "je voudrais" is "I would want". Yet in English, we only ever express it that way in the negative. In the affirmative, "I would like" does double-duty.


Is the word "orientale" no longer used? Does it have the connotations that it would have in English where you might insult someone? There are examples of Asie Orientale in Linguee. Just wondering.


Why is:" J'ai vraiment envie de visiter l'Asie de l'est." wrong?


Because this is conditional ("I would really like"): "J'aurais vraiment envie de visiter …".

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