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"I have to buy curry because there isn't any more left."

Translation:Je dois acheter du curry parce qu'il n'y en a plus.

April 29, 2020



Am I correct in saying when using the word plus in conjunction with ne, you do not pronounced the s? Here they said il n'y en a plus with an s sound, so now I'm questioning myself.


i went to several references and unless i misunderstood them, the "s" should not be pronounced in this negative statement, but every time this construction appears, the "s" is pronounced, so who knows.


It wont let me mark the correct option. Every time it occurs, i have to mark an incorrect answer to just move on!!!!!


Why can i not put "jai besoin de acheter"?

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J'ai besoin d'acheter. When "de" is followed by a vowel it becomes " d' " (D apostrophe). Also you need an apostrophe for "J'ai". An apostrophe in both these cases shows that a vowel has been taken away for an easier turn on the tongue. ie

Je ai = J'ai

Besoin de acheter = Besoin d'acheter

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Also in this case they are for "have to buy" rather than "need to buy". "Besoin de" means "Need to"

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Why are you buying curry? Make it yourself :p


Why can't I say il faut que instead of je does?


Il faut que/Il faut is to give directions to other people.

Ex. Il faut acheter... -> You must/ It is necessary to buy...

Also remember Il faut que is always followed by the subjunctive tense

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