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"I have to buy flour because there isn't any more left."

Translation:Je dois acheter de la farine parce qu'il n'y en a plus.

April 29, 2020



"il faut acheter de la farine parce qu'il n'y en a plus." was rejected 12 September 2020.

Why is this incorrect? DuoLingo has been somewhat inconsistent with accepting "il faut" vs. "avoir besoin" vs. both answers.


Since it's " I need" not "you need to " or "you must" <3


I was always taught that "il faut" meant "it is necessary" so whether "i need" or"you need" il fair could technically should be accepted.


My question exactly


Why "de la farine" but not "de farine"?


You should use "du" , "de la " or "des" ... you can't take the "la" away . <3


Why "parce qu'il" when the reference is clearly feminine (de la farine)?


I'm not completely sure but i think "en" is actually referring to "la farine" not "il". I think "il" here is just the generic pronoun used to translate "there is/are".


"Qu'il n'y en a plus" sounds quite tricky to pronounce..


I'm still a little clueless as to when to use "le, la, les" in those contexts when it wouldn't be used in English. I think Lynn is saying when it's greater than 3 but my Maths is worse than my French. But with reference to flour, 3 what? Grams, kilograms, grains? Can anyone help this dimwit?


Lynne was simply drawing a heart at the end of the comment, no maths required. French use le/la/les/l' in these instances most of the time - the exception is when preceded by an expression of quantity, ie beaucoup de, assez de, trop de etc, then you drop the le/la/les/l'. I hope this helps


Pronunciation: Isn't the "s" was silent in the pronunciation of "plus"?

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