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  5. "A bheil e a' faighinn tì?"

"A bheil e a' faighinn tì?"

Translation:Is he getting tea?

April 29, 2020



She's speaking rather quickly, and it sounded like "thu" rather than "e".


I thought the same thing.. Even replaying it, I was not clearly hearing "e".


Does this mean the same as, "Is he having tea?" (A question that a host would ask about a guest) or does it literally mean that he has gone to fetch some tea?


My dictionary indicates that faigh means both to obtain and to receive, so I'd say it applies to both versions of "get". So the sentence is reliant on context to clarify the difference.

Side note: my dictionary also says the same verb would be used in the phrase "get rid of", but a different word would apply to 'get' as in "get bigger". So not all English uses of "get" automatically translate to "faigh" but most seem to.

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