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I am trying to use Duolingo to teach my students English. When they receive and email they don't have the option of English available. They know Chinese and need to learn English. May someone help?



April 29, 2020



The e-mails the students receive, as well as the encouraging messages that Duo says throughout the lesson, will unfortunately be in the native language that they have set (or you have set in your classroom). A number of us have put in Duo's wish list that we would at least like Duo's comments to be in the target language.

I have found that when I give instructions -- even to my advanced students -- sometimes it is better to do it in their native language, however. So the assignment e-mails don't bother me personally.

I suggest that you simply follow up Duo's e-mail with your own, stating the assignment in English, maybe even pointing out some grammar or vocabulary while comparing the two e-mails.

I hope this helps!


I am not 100% certain but I believe if you switch yourself to that language and build your classroom in that language, then they will automatically be in that language.

Alternatively, perhaps they can do it like any regular (non "Duo for Schools" learner): click on Settings -> Learning Language -> See All Courses -> I speak... and then select Chinese as their native language and English as the language you want to learn. https://www.duolingo.com/courses/zh

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