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"I just want a small piece of cheese."

Translation:Je veux juste un petit morceau de fromage.

April 29, 2020



Can someone tell me when to use "de" and not "du"


"j'ai envie juste d'un petit morceau de fromage" What's wrong with this that it was rejected???


Try with j'ai juste envie d'un petit morceau de fromage or j'ai envie de juste un petit morceau de fromage.


Ah! Yes. I put the adverb in the wrong place. Thank you.


"je seulement veux un petit morceau de fromage" why is it wrong?


It is essentially the same error as in the English. The adverb should be next to the word it qualifies, so Je veux seulement un petit morceau. The English should be "I want only a small piece of cheese", otherwise if you say I only want etc you are saying that wanting is the only verbal action involved; you do not , eat, slice, buy, wrap or whatever the cheese, just want it.


I think "piece of cheese" is always "morceau de fromage". Probably, "piece of the cheese" could translate to "morceau du fromage". Can somebody confirm if this is correct?


Why not "un bout"?


Yes, we were taught that expression recently. However I had a mistake elsewhere, so I don't know if it would have been accepted.


'je veux juste un bout de fromage' was not accepted, though we have recently been taught 'un bout'.

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