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"We do not have the numbers."

Translation:No tenemos las cifras.

5 years ago



I placed my cursor under the work "numbers" (which is underlined in dots), because I knew there was a different word used earlier, but couldn't remember it. "Cifras" was NOT one of the three translation options offered. Seems like it should be, if it is the only one accepted.

3 years ago


How does this differ from numeros? Does this have a connotation of "numerical data" rather than just any numbers?

4 years ago

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"Las cifras" is the same as saying "the figures" in English while "los numeros" refers to the numbers which is the literal translation. It is more common to use "las cifras" in a business environment. Cifra can also refer to a statistic.

4 years ago


50 upvotes and no lingots. Shame. Have a lingot, mi amigo!

10 months ago

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Probably because it's only possible to give lingots from the website

1 month ago


why is "no tenemos las figuras" wrong?

5 years ago

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In English, "to cipher" has an old meaning for which we now say "to do/perform arithmetic" - simple mathematical operations. In that context, a "cipher" is a number subject to an operation of some kind, while a number is just a stand-alone abstract thing.|

Along these lines of numbers and operations, "cipher" in English is also a way of referring to secret code or encryption. If you used "cipher", most Americans who know what the word means would probably think first of coding - UNLESS they are fans of the TV show "The Beverly Hillbillies", in which Jethro refers to his school work in arithmetic as "ciphering".

1 year ago


How come "cuanto" was singular but "cifras" needs to be plural?

1 year ago


Why does the hint say "no tengamos" if it should be "no tenemos"?

5 months ago

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"No tengamos" is subjunctive, which also translate as "we do not have" in English.

4 months ago