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Set up problem

I am a high school teacher and everyone is learning form home. I started a class for my beginning English learner students. I entered their names and the assignments that I assigned. I had them log in through an invite link to my class. Now, a few students have logged in and started, but I can't see their progress. It shows no activity in my account. does anyone know what I may have done wrong? I do have this student tu.8zPhLPnKiKO3C. How do I find out which one he or she is?

I also see all the Help, discussion, and other pages in Spanish. Could this be related to the fact that I also have used Duolingo to learn some Spanish? Can I delete the Spanish course I started for myself long before this and keep the English course I started for my students?

Thanks to anyone who has some help for me. I'm frustrated as this would be so helpful for my students.

April 29, 2020



Unfortunately, there isn't any way to discover who the student "tu.8zPhLPnKiKO3C" is. The user is under a trial account. If it is a student in your classroom, they'll have to create a full Duolingo account in order to be tracked properly.

The issue with your Help pages is due to the current language that your user-interface is using, which is Spanish. I've changed this to English so you can navigate without issues.

Lastly, I would wait 24 hours to see if the progress that the students have made is reflected on the progress tab in the Schools dashboard.

We're having a variety of issues in Schools due to latency during peak hours, so data arrives late.


dcrisp, your student with the wacky tu.8zPhLPnKiKO3C will have to re-join your class. You can delete the tu.8zPhLPnKiKO3C. Your student won't be able to use that to log in, anyway. Use process of elimination to figure out who it is. After they log in (and they might have to do one lesson, if they failed to make a user name, etc. the first time), have them click on the blue silhouette in the upper right, then scroll down to "settings," then click on "progress sharing." Then, they can enter the classroom code that you give them.

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