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Scope and Sequence for languages

I was checking out DuoLingo and came across --- Spanish Course: Scope and Sequence Intended for native speakers of English. Luckily, I printed it! Now, I am trying to find the Scope and Sequence for other languages, such as, French, German, Italian, etc. I cannot find it anywhere and I cannot even locate where I found the Scope and Sequence for Spanish. Can anyone help me?

April 29, 2020



You can download the Spanish Course: Scope and Sequence. I use Google Docs anyway so that's what I downloaded but I'm pretty sure you can download in other formats.

I switched to landscape and added columns to plan and track my progress. It's very motivating for me. I check it in the morning and plan new work and review. I color code the dates so it's easy to find my place. I do a little editing to the descriptions.

I'm repeating link from Atervanda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CJXJ-vFG81JdRCKB7oZLMuO5vUavVUfTi7BDtThMoy8/


Are they ever going to update these scope and sequence sheets? The tree is no longer the same and goes way beyond the final checkpoint listed on them.

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