"My daughters are sleeping; his is not."

Translation:Ñuhi tali ēdrusi; jāhon daor.

April 29, 2020

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Is there any guidance on the use of daor in this way?


Why "jāhon"? Wouldn't "jāha" agree with "tala"?


If jāha was being used as an adjective modifying a noun (jāha tala "his daughter") you would be correct. In this case, jāhon takes the place of the noun, so the pronoun version jāhon (a Terrestrial noun) is used instead. But the possessive pronouns have a fixed gender (always Terrestrial).

  • Jāha tala ēdrus "His daughter is sleeping"
  • Jāhon ēdrus "His is sleeping"
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