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Learning Tree Complete - what next?

One of the suggestions is to do the reverse tree - i.e. do the English course as a Gaelic speaker. Unfortunately that option does not exist and so it looks like I am restricted to a continuous loop of practice lessons. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it might get a bit old quite quickly. Another option would be to do courses from other providers - also OK.

Any other options available on Duolingo?

Kudos for the work, though. It is a tremendous resource and the effort you guys have put in is outstanding.

April 30, 2020



Meal do naidheachd, tha thu deiseil!

Doubt there will ever be a reverse tree for Gaelic.

Your best option is to wait patiently for the rest of the Gaelic tree to be released that the contributors are working on very dedicatedly, like so many of us do, while repairing the cracks daily for the current part and learning all the Gaelic info that is shared within the forum.

Unless of course you want to reset your tree and start all over again, for example seeing how far you get without using the tiles. :)

Gaelic with Jason on YT and https://learngaelic.scot/ are quite good.


Hi Alex & Zia - Many thanks for your comments. I really like the way Duolingo works so I'll keep practising the completed tree. I also rather like Rhoda MacDonald's "Speaking Your Language" programmes. Even 27 years on, they are still very watchable. Thanks for the other suggestions - there's a lot of stuff out there!


There is a list of resources here, so take a look and see which ones work for you:

There is also at least one discord server (I haven't tries out it out yet and I'm not sure if the links lead to the same server, so I'm just posting them both), so you could practice there:

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