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Practice is Broken/Confused

I hope I'm not duplicating (didn't see any with my specific problem, but it also seems like I shouldn't be the only one), but practice has been pretty squirrelly for me for about the past week. When I "practice all skills" it gives me 95% of the same sentences and vocab over and over. Basic stuff that I've completely mastered, like cortar, comer (portuguese, by the way).

I thought I might fix the problem by practicing specific skiils, but it's worse: the "practice weakest words" button only gives me words that are already four bars, and none of the low-bar words that actually need practice. I'm sure you all [staff] are already (and continue to be) working to improve this, but it seems like a definite bug/mistake in the algorithm at this point. It makes it effectively impossible to stay in practice on old skills, except for the few sentences that are already mastered that skills practice repeatedly spits at me.

Is anyone else having this problem, or have you found a workaround/fix?

And thanks, Duolingo, it really is a great service - this is the first semi-major annoyance I've encountered to date, keep up the good work :)

May 7, 2013



Hi all, we're working on this. It turns out that different people experience this same bug for different reasons (depending on which language you're learning, and how far along you are). Because of this, we have managed to fix it for some, but not all of you... so sit tight, the fixes are coming!


Hi everyone, this should be fixed now, please let us know if practice is behaving better.

One side effect: your trees might not be as golden as they were before. This is because the system previously thought you knew some words so well it wouldn't let you practice them... and only gave you words it thought you knew less well instead (even if they had four bars and were repetitive). Now everything should work. But some of those words you haven't practiced in 2+ months now, so they've decayed in the meantime. We're sorry about that...

The good news: since practice is working properly now, you should be able to pump a lot back to gold with only a few practice sessions! :)


Thank you so much! It definitely works now! (: (: (:


I just wanted to open up a new troubleshooting discussion regarding this very problem. All my French "Pratice weakest words" keeps on making me practice a collection of 10 words which I have completely mastered by now.


I'm having the same problem with Spanish. It keeps making me practice "parecer" and "tradicional" over and over. Something is broken. This happens with "practice weakest words" and "practice all skills."


I was in the midst of posting the exact same thing when I decided that I should see of anyone else has the same problem and in a way I'm glad some people do. I've been really busy at uni over the past few months and I only recently started coming onto the site again. Since last week all I've done is practice sessions because I did a lot of new lessons on my first week back but I keep getting the same things and whenever (and it's very rare) something new comes up it never reappears regardless of wether or not I actually got the question right.

I would love to find a fix for this because unlike most people I like it when the practice sessions beat me because that gives me something to work towards. Right now I'm in a place where I don't want to do more lessons and I don't want keep practicing because I'm doing the same thing every day. I think I might start doing new lessons just to break the monotony but I don't feel like I know everything that comes before them despite the gold bars.


I have been having the same problem with French practice, of late. Hopefully a fix will be implemented soon.


Yea, I've been having the same problem with the practice, and hope they fix the fluke soon. This site seems utterly determined that I know "manteaux" (French for "coats") and end up practicing it multiple times a day.


Same here: I specifially keep getting "Me gusta lo tradicional" and other sentences related to "tradicional" over and over again in spanish "Practice all skills" - despite never having gotten them wrong a single time in the last 100 or so practice sessions in which they have popped up already. loving duolingo as it is already, but a fix would be very much appreciated :)


Yep. This problem should be solved urgently.


Glad to hear I'm not the only one, at least I'm not crazy;) The problem has at least partially fixed itself for me, though. I tried using the "remove from practice" button (I don't know if it works because it doesn't indicate that the word has actually been removed), and that verb has at least not been showing up incessantly. Hard to say precisely that this is a fix.

It also occurred to me that if only the weakest words were shown, practice would be REALLY difficult. Anyone else having better luck? Thoughts?


I've been having the same problem. The only way I can practice my weakest words is to go in vocabulary and practice each word individually

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