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Level ups not updated when switching learning languages

Hello !

Something weird happened on Duo yesterday: I was trying the Russian to German module, and I leveled up (to level 12 or 13), but when I came back to my regular learning page from English, I noticed my German level hadn't been updated. Then I noticed this module was still in beta, could it be related?

I was using Chrome and Win 7 when it happened, but I also use Chrome and WinXP on another computer, + Chrome on a tablet, + the mobile app.

It is a small bug I guess, right?


July 23, 2014



Hi SDaz,

I'm not part of the tech team but if this is a glitch, they will want to know what operating system and browser you're using (for example, i'm using Windows7/Firefox). So, if you could please edit your post and add that, it'd be great.

Thanks! ^_^


Hm, that's weird, sometimes (but not all the times though), the languages bar included in my forum posts displays the correct level in German, but the level is still incorrect on my profile page. I can see you guys are working on that problem.

The fun fact is, when the german level is OK, the dutch badge is not displayed, and when the dutch badge is displayed, the german level is incorrect.

Thanks, and good luck!

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