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"Several children are swimming."

Translation:Verscheidene kinderen zwemmen.

July 23, 2014



It's a pity that those questions so often can be passed by excluding obvious nonsense. Why not "Verschillende ....", "Verscheidene..." and "Sommige ..." to choose? Speaking of course only for myself, I would find that more helpful.


I thought the same many times, it is the main (if not the only) critic I have so far..


I believe you mean critique


what's the difference between "verscheidene" and "verscheillende"? When do I use each one?


From what I understand, verscheidene means several.

i.e. Verscheidene kinderen eten niet.

verschillende means various, and emphasizes the differences between the items.

i.e. Ik houd van verschillende kleuren: rood, blauw, groen, etc.


why not Verscheidene kinderen zijn zwemmen?


I might be wrong, but in "verscheidene kinderen zwemmen" the verb "zwem" is conjugated for the plural children: "many children (are) swim(ing)."* In "verscheidene kinderen zijn zwemmen" it is the zijn (ben) that is conjugated, leaving the swim verb in its infinitive: zwemmen. It would literally translate to "many children are to swim."

*As far as I know, in the Dutch language it is fairly uncommon to differentiate between continuative tense and progressive tense. Although, according to Wikipedia's article on continuous and progressive tenses, you can form a sentence using zijn by adding "aan" and making the final verb a noun. In this case it might be: "verscheidene kinderen zijn aan het zwemmen" being literally "Many children are at the swimming." To me this doesn't sound correct but this is what is says.


Good question, somebody knows why?


Why is "Enige kinderen zwemmen" wrong?

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