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I finished the French tree!

I heard that it is the custom to post here after finishing the tree. So, here I go.

I knew nothing of French, never took a class or course. I am a slow learner, not really gifted. It took me about 3 to 4 years to finish the tree. It was slow going at the beginning, than at medium speed, and then at the end faster and faster.

I started out by doing about 15 XP points a day. Slow but steady. About 1 year ago I joined the league. So, I incremented to about 120 XP per day. About 4-5 months ago I reached the Diamond League and I never dropped out. Finally, today everything is shining in "golden" color.

My suggestion, or at least what worked for me:

  • I did it consistently, daily. In the last 3 years I missed maybe some 10-20 days (vacation, etc.)

  • I did very little (but daily) for a long long time.

  • Doing it on the PC is more efficient than on cell phone, because you can quickly cross reference with other resources such as Duo Forum, Wiktionary.org, DeepL.com, etc.

  • Joining the league gave me a lot of motivation and made me go a lot faster.

  • I often clicked on the bottom button "Discussion" after answering, the one that brings you to the sentence in the forum. I learned a lot from the Duo Forum. I would read there why I was wrong, and often learn other things that I wasn't even looking for. That slows me down as I spend time not answering questions, but I think it helps in learning more. Fewer XP but more "wisdom". :)

Where am I now?

  • I can read a newspaper and understand the content, not each word, not each sentence; but I know what it is about.

  • I can write some simple sentences. [ Addendum: The next day I wrote my first email in French and it made me happy. ]

  • I unfortunately cannot follow a conversation between native speakers. :( I watched some 30 episodes of modern French TV shows whereby following the subtitles I could follow the storyline but I understand little of what they say on TV.

In summary:

  • I just wanted to motivate you to not give up, to stick with it!

  • If a person like me with little talents can do it, so can you!

Vive la chouette verte !

PS: What is the plan for the future?

  • I will start spending some time on the Duolingo podcasts and maybe other podcasts, which will cause me to drop out of the Diamond League. Sad :(

  • Read a French book

  • Dream of some vacation in France one day in the future

  • [Addendum: since I was asked in the comments...] The better defined, the more specific my goal, the easier it will be for me to achieve it. So today I set myself a very well defined immediate goal: For the next 3 months spend 10 minutes a day to listen to the daily news episode of https://savoirs.rfi.fr/fr/apprendre-enseigner/langue-francaise/journal-en-francais-facile and while doing so read the supplied text version along with it.

  • [Addendum: added this bullet point 1 month after writing this post] I continue to use the Duo "practice" feature (blue dumbell) to do about 60-90 minutes of Duo a day and I clearly notice that a) the exercises Duo gives me are becoming more advanced, and b) that it gets easier for me and c) that I make a lot fewer mistakes. I also do about 10-30 min podcast listening a day. And I send maybe 1 or 2 WhatsApp texts a day in French when I know that the recipient speaks good enough French to understand. All in all, I feel I am advancing and engaged on a daily basis.

  • [Addendum: added this bullet point 2 month after writing this post] Duo just added 1600 new sentences! So learning never stops. Plenty to do to get everything back to gold. And still listening to my podcasts and noticing that Duo and podcasts become a tiny bit easier. Progress continues at a slow pace.


This is an addendum to this post. I was asked "Why did you do it? What motivated you?" I thought it might be a good idea to add this up here as well:

  • It all started with me wanting to motivate my kids to study a language. I "forced" them to install Duolingo on their phone. But they were not too motivated. So, I thought, I can be the good example, the role model. I can install Duolingo on my phone and when they see me doing it, maybe it will help them or convince them to do it too.

  • Learning is a satisfying activity

  • There are scientific studies that show that "a slightly challenging mental activity" brings more happiness than "passive relaxation". In other words, projects like DIY building of a desk, taking a class in something fun (cooking?), etc. brings much more happiness than relaxing, watching NetFlix or spending hours browsing blindly thru Internet. So, I wanted to be happy, so I threw out the TV and brought Duo into my home, well, my phone.

  • It is better use of time than spending it on social media

  • I imagened myself sitting in a French bistro and ordering a meal. Running this "movie" through my head, is just very pleasing. If Chinese were easier I would have picked Chinese maybe. But then it would have taken me 10 years! :)

  • To communicate to my kids that languages are important in life. Languages not only connect us and create positive relations, they are also the door to other cultures and so much more.

  • I don't really know. Why not?

Still reading? If you like it, give it a "like" by clicking the "arrow up" button just below these lines. Merci.

April 30, 2020



Congratulations !!!

Edit : why would someone dislike these comments?


For having being downvoted, now you have received the most upvotes!

C'est ça le karma. Très drôle.

Les gens de Duo sont des bonnes personnes !


Merci à tous!

Merci pour tous vos commentaires.

Merci merci merci <3

This one is easy! A 3min song by Pink Martini.



And if you like the above you will like this one as well:




Wow! merci beaucoup pour les commentaires. Ils m'ont inspiré pour continuer à apprendre le français plus rapidement sur ce site.


That was a great song! First time in my life that I could understand a French song. Thank you so much


Further down, fellow Duolinguist Clemlambulance has suggested this web site to learn various languages via lyrics and music:


Try it, it is even gamified and has several levels, from beginner to advanced!


Another super-famous song: "Ne me quitte pas" by Jacques Brel

With lyrics, easy to follow, ... old times ...



Another song: One of the most famous French children song: Sur le pont d'Avignon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLvVZny4HzQ (chanson avec paroles)


Congratulations! I am studying French too. Comprehending native speakers is really hard. I am pretty happy just learning it well enough to read though.

[deactivated user]


    See here for some podcasts you may enjoy.

    Excellent work: https://duome.eu/Fred735950/progress

    For others, If you want to see your progress just change French735950 in the link above with your own name.


    Aussi ton lieu de https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36673538 est excellent!

    Merci. Je vois qu'il y a tant à faire, tant a ecouter, ...

    Merci, merci, merci!

    Deux lingots pour toi!


    juste pour t'aider "il y a tant à écouter". En français il ne faut pas oublier les accents, c'est très important, voilà la différence avec l'anglais qui ne s'embarrasse pas avec des accents! félicitations et surtout continue régulièrement à travailler ton français tu ne peux que progresser!


    tu as raison. Les accents sont importants.

    [deactivated user]

      Glad to be of help. If you want to master accents, try ELFE - Free for everyone Only for French. It's college level and you can't move forward until the accents are in the right place.

      From the following discussion:



      I did not know about this website.

      Excellent, I can use it to review , redo some of my weak areas!

      It has some cool features, some even better than duolingo.com! Wow, impressed.

      une fois de plus, merci


      Salut 01LearnFrench01:

      Here an addition, or a comment, on your excellent Podcast list:

      Within RFI I find these 2 in particular interesting. Also they can be "installed" on a podcasting app on the cell phone for off-line listening:

      Merci 01LearnFrench01!


      Félicitations !

      You can be proud of yourself. I know French is a difficult language, so... Really, good job ! You can be proud.


      Great Job!! That's a great accomplishment, the French tree has a lot of content in it. I always spoke a lot of French, most of my Family is French and we had to take French in school. To this day, I have a hard time following native speakers and it's just natural. Don;t give up though it will get easier!!



      aujourd'hui j'ai écrit mon premier e-mail, en français !


      Félicitations, c'est un bon début!


      J'ai écrit à un vieil ami. Peut-être une cinquantaine de lignes :)


      Congratulations, Fred!!


      Bravo Fred! Congrats. Keep up the good work!


      I would like to say the same. Bravo Fred! Congrats! Keep up the good work! Your post is very important to me


      Glad to hear that. Wow, only 9 more days to go and you will celebrate 365!!!

      faisons la fête !

      Félicitations !

      PS: Un ajout: Je vois que tu as déjà plus de 400 jours maintenant. Il semble que vous vous êtes fixé un but beaucoup de plus grand: peut être 500, ou 1000 jours?


      Fred735950, thank you!


      aujourd'hui c'est le jour très célébré: le jour des 365 flammes!

      une année entière ! Félicitations!



      Yesterday I noticed that a couple of subjects in the third level appeared to have a crack in the circle indicating the level I had reached.

      Is that because I have an older graphics card, or it the Owl trying to send me a message?

      Is there somewhere I can measure my progress against the entire tree?

      Again, WELL DONE


      It means that you need to renew your progress on them. It's just a way to help you memorize everything.


      Regarding the post below on colors in the text:

      But don't use the YELLOW color. Very hard to read, stick with GOLD :)

      Just joking.

      Thumbs up!


      Exactly as IZABELLALY1 said.

      It means you have not done this exercise for along time and you are about to forget it. Duo wants to tell you that you should review this exercise. Click it and re-do it. However, you only get 10XP fore rfreshing your skills/exercises.

      Merci !


      Today I noticed that the exercises not only crack at the beginning, also the exercises further down are starting to crack. I think if you wait long enough all exercises will start to crack, even the ones in section 8.


      Je crois que je t'ai vu dans la section des phrases du forum français. Je parlais de tes commentaires.


      Felicitations Fred!!! Je suis heureuse pour toi! And keep practising and learning :)


      Félicitations!!!! Bonne job!



      I just leaned a new word THANKS to YOU. An easy work, "job". Didn't know you can use this in French also.

      Merci Rhonda.


      That's what one calls an "Anglicism" in french. A native english word that has been encompassed in the french vocabulary. A lot of words like this exist ;-) Congratulation for your work !

      French version : C'est ce qu'on appelle un Anglicism en français. Un mot d'origine anglaise qui a été englobé dans le vocabulaire français. Beaucoup de mots comme celui-ci existent ;-) Félicitation pour ton travail !


      Les mots de Anglicism sont comme une forme de motivation parce que sont mots super faciles :)

      Comme: super, cool, ... ?


      Evidemment, comme ça tu comprend quand on te félicite... :)


      It depends on the region. Different places use different anglicisms, and expressions. Weekend is another, as opposed to fin de semaine. Here's a woman who can help you advance from gramatically correct writing to spoken French in the real world, from the perspective of a French person in France: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ZFVrf5NVlmgZ0hItLT0pg

      [deactivated user]

        Well done! Congrats!


        Good job on finishing the tree! One of the most dopamine-releasing events to ever happen is to see your progress coming into fruition. Sending you a lingot, hoping you continue your learning journey further!


        Merci Riley

        Merci aussi pour le lingot. I am so unexperienced, I don't even know where to see that. I did not get a notification. I would have assumed that Duo has that totally gamified and informs users about all the linguits they receive as gifts. I did see anything.

        Where do I have to look?

        On the PC, I went to Notifiactions, then clicked "See all" and I only get the last 5 notifications (in my case people following me).

        Anyway, lingots are cool as motivator but French exercise is more important :)

        Merci, je puex voir que tu apprends 11 langues! Félicitations !

        Onze fois mieux que moi :)


        juste pour t'aider: fais attention quand tu écris de ne pas inverser les lettres "je peux" autrement ta phrase est parfaite! bravo!


        Merci. Je dois suivre un cours de dactylographie avec Duolingo ha ha ha <3


        Podcasts are good idea! Practice speaking to humans, too: https://events.duolingo.com/london-french/


        Merci Le-Creole

        C'est une bonne idee!

        I'll start first with some listen, some podcast, but your link of Duo events for speaking sounds quite interesting. Great idea.

        merci de partager!!!


        Peut-être pas maintenant avec la période de confinement.


        C'est vrai, mais .... Maintenant les rencontres pour pratiquer le Français sont en ligne avec Zoom !

        Le confinement est pas de problème.


        Félicitations !


        bravo j'espère réussir à atteindre l'arbre comme toi, merci pour ton témoignage et si tu viens en France un jour tu y seras le bienvenu!


        Ah, un nouveau mot " témoignage" . En anglais "a report".

        Merci de me l'avoir montré (corrected from: Merci de me le montre. )

        Et oui, un jour en France je pourrai commander du vin et du fromage :) ha ha ha et certainement plus que ça !


        Il va falloir patienter pour venir en France car même pour les français c'est compliqué en ce moment... Pour t'aider "Merci de me le montre" ne veut rien dire en français. Je suppose que tu voulais dire "Merci de me l'avoir montré" en parlant de ton nouveau mot: "témoignage"


        Accepte un autre lingot.


        Thank you so much for writing this! I have been practicing daily while using other apps and reading french childrens' books. It is a ride ... i do have my moments when I am frustrated and lost BUT you are right! joining leagues and watching my progress going up is VERY MOTIVATIONAL! Again, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us <3


        Merci! Tu peux le faire ...!

        Un lingot pour te motiver !


        toujours et encore pour t'aider "tu peux le faire..." à moins que tu voulais dire "tu peux en faire aussi!" mais la phrase est moins jolie et moins "française". Félicitations pour tes progrès.


        Un ligot pour m'aider! Merci!

        [deactivated user]



          Bravo! apprendre c' est la vie.


          C'est un succès! Félicitations!


          Hearty Congratulations Fred...! All the best for future endeavors....


          Toujours j'ai une trentaine de "Duo Stories" à écouter y terminer. 7 épisodes de Duo podcast et despuis je vais chercher podcast de cette liste https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36673538


          Félicitations mon ami !


          3 years? how many activities did you do per day? I hope doing the branch in a month, maybe i am too ambitious -.-"


          As I said in the post, for a very long time (maybe 2 years) I did about 15XP a day.

          So, obviously I was not advancing much, still I did it steadily, without missing a day and I learned something, albeit, slowly.

          4 weeks is possible, I read one guy's blog post about it. But it will be very very challenging! Truly ambitious! Kind of hero level!

          Why not shoot for 2 months? Even that is a way-above-average success, certainly Top 1%. And it might be more enjoyable, hence more words stick in your memory.

          Anyway, go for it! Allez-y !


          Oh thanks for you answer, I will try to do it as faster as I can but not losing the thread, right now I am not working because i am confined at home so I have plenty of time, will see if I can do It in 2-3 months, thanks :D


          All the power to you!

          bonne chance!


          Wow nice job I just started french




          Good job!! For your reward, enjoy the 10 lingots!!



          Tu es plus que généreux ! Merci autre fois!


          toujours et seulement dans le but de t'aider! "merci autre fois" ne veut rien dire en français. Si c'est un au revoir que tu voulais dire, tu peux écrire "à une autre fois", mais le mieux c'est "à bientôt" ou "au plaisir de te lire".


          I wanted to say "Thanks again" as short for "I want to thank you again". How's that best said in French?

          Maybe: Je vous en remercie encore. or Je vous remercie encore.

          But that is quite long. Is there something shorter?


          You could say "Merci, encore c;"


          Ah, oui, très facile, très simple:

          Merci, encore!


          Congratulations, you did a great job! thanks you for your advice.

          Bonne continuation!


          Well done! Merci for becoming so great at french. I give you a lingot


          Hello, just to congratulate you. I just started the French tree, after quitting it because I was thinking about my Spanish lessons. I do French, Latin, Italian, Spanish, and German. They are cool languages to learn and if anyone can help me with this question, thank you: If you study for 120 minutes a day, how long will it be to finish a skill tree!

          <pre> 2 years ago, I started Duolingo to see if it would improve my Spanish stuff. It did, but I grew bored of it. I started doing other stuff, but then, Duo came into my bedroom and said that I know 527 words in Spanish. He was urging me to go back on Duolingo. I tried to let go, but I couldn't! So, I said to the Duo bird: "Okay, fine, I'll start getting a streak." So, that was about 2 months ago. That bird got me back in Lingo again. The third thing is that I am so glad for you, Fred, to be finishing the French tree. I am getting close to being trilingual, Spanish, English, and Latin. That is going to be a fun thing. I can give you up to 10 lingots, Fred. Thank you for shouting out. That's what I like. Please give Fred lingots for finishing. Fred: Try Spanish. It's a great language after French. Then after that, try Dutch and German. They are closely related to each other. Bye! </pre>


          About your question, " If you study for 120 minutes a day, how long will it be to finish a skill tree! "

          I certainly don't know. But I can give you a guess: I would estimate between 1 to 2 years.

          Can anyone confirm or make a guess?

          PS: Latin: wow, that must be hard :) Impressive!


          Well you can look at how many lessons you complete in that time. I do about 25 lessons before je me donne mal à la tête which is one full circle from 1-5. So just count how many circles there are. I've estimated I need about 80 days at this rate to finish my tree.


          Further down BriandNadi mentioned that she did the English tree in a year.

          So, I think based on BriandNadi and Brawniosaurus I was way too conservative with my original estimate of 1-2 years.

          Maybe "under and up to 1 year" is a better answer?

          Anyone wants to comment how long it took them?

          PS: Somewhere else on the internet, I can't remember where, a guy wrote a long post how he learned French from nothing to absolutely fluent in 4 months. Among many other things he also did Duo, he also had personal teachers, etc. I think that person did the whole Duo tree in 2 months. But I also think he is not the typical case. Also, not someone to compare to. It might be better to set very (easily) achievable goals and then actually reach them, and then be positively surprised should it take a bit less time than planned.


          I have a 900 day streak with French so I've been at it about 2.5 years. I'm just beginning my 5th and final pass through the tree and each lesson is turning gold. I spend on average about 45 minutes per day on Duolingo. At times I've focused more on the stories. I'm about 2/3 of the way through them. I find they are quite hard for me now, meaning I don't understand a lot of what is being said so I need to check the words as I go along and that teaches me a lot. I've also done a couple of the Duolingo podcasts. They are hard for me. I started with very little French training (a little in school 40 years ago) and I live in a primarily English speaking city in Canada but I'm exposed to a lot of French due to the bilingual nature of the country. I self-identify as someone that does not learn languages easily. Duolingo has helped me to read and write in French quite well. I can probably write and make myself understood, although perhaps not entirely grammatically correct. I can read a lot of simple things and get an understanding. I wouldn't understand a novel, but casual things written in French on social media I can usually understand. My goal is to understand spoken French and I'm failing at that. My plan is to finish the tree by around the end of the summer and then start to focus more on listening practice with podcasts. I have found Coffee Break French to be a good podcast. I like the explanations given in English. I can never understand how someone is expected to learn from a teacher that only speaks French! A couple of words of wisdom: don't get hung up on the grammar and rules. I started that way, with my logical brain, I figured I just needed to learn the rules. I quickly abandoned that technique and followed the advice of several that said not to worry about correct grammar. My tense may not always be correct but I'll often be understood, just as I understand people whose first language isn't English speaking to me. I'm taking the approach of a child learning to speak. It will sink in eventually, I'll make mistakes along the way, but ultimately I'll learn over time. One last thing: I found a friend on the Tandem app. She wants to improve her English. We send verbal chats to each other (everything we say we do in both English and French so we both practice our speaking and listening). I'm open to having other Tandem friends if anyone is interested in chatting in French on it). If so, leave me a comment and I can provide my contact info. I hope me sharing my experience will help some of you. Bonne chance tous le monde!


          Jonathan, hello!

          Thank you for an interesting story. I learned English to the level of communication, but in the area where I live, all people are bilingual and, therefore, I started learning French and really hope to advance in French soon.

          Thank you for your interesting story and I wish you success


          900 jours! Chapeau! Merci d'avoir partagé!

          Impressive. I can identify quite well with you. Pretty much everything you said resonates with me.

          Podcasts: Moving forward, podcasts are the way to go for you. I have done some 60 Coffee Break French session so far. I like them, but I am not ecstatic about them. Try also some French news to vary.

          Lingot for you! bientôt vous pouvez fêter les 1000 jours avec Duo!


          Thank-you https://www.duolingo.com/profile/Fred735950 and https://www.duolingo.com/profile/leonidBr__ for your thoughts and encouragement. If you find any listening resources that help you, please post. If you have Netflix, most movies can be set to speak in French with French subtitles regardless of the original language. I've watched a couple of movies that way. I'll admit that my understanding was probably more from reading than listening, but I was able to grasp the storyline. Hopefully more exposure will improve my listening comprehension. Another idea I've had, but have not tried yet, is to watch a movie where I know the story well, but in French (ideally without any subtitles). I'm thinking that concentrating on listening in French to a story I know well, might exercise my listening skills.


          I think also it's easy to skip through the first and and probably second checkpoint. That person who learned in four had a lot of outside help and was probably using duolingo for vocabulary mostly.


          https://duome.eu/KostasLem just posted today that he did the complete French tree in less than a year.

          So, here you have another reference point: less than 1 years seems to be no problem.

          Allez'y !


          Great accomplishment!!!Congratulations!!!!!




          great wonderfool for you . but im still learning english since and looking for someone who will help me on that way by chatting , some time even through e-mail


          As I said, "if I can do it, you can do it too". Stick with it!


          Congratulations! I just finished the French tree too. I don't know how to check my level on Duolingo but I know it's definitely not 25! I've been studying French at A-Level so after logging back into my Duolingo account after two years to start learning some German I decided to take the French checkpoint 8 test for the sake of satisfaction. Probably not the way I should be doing Duolingo!


          Your level is 11. That's the number right next to the French flag symbol.


          Plus de détailles: https://duome.eu/aconstanthamlet


          Ah je vois! Merci beaucoup


          Congratulations! That's a lot of dedication right there. I'm trying to do the same thing myself right now. Any tips on how to stay motivated? Did you write any notes as you went along?


          As I said "If I can do it, YOU can do it".

          Motivation came from 2 areas:


          • No, I did not take any notes. I am not learning it for a living, so it is not crucial to me.

          Things that helped me

          • I often clicked on the bottom button after answering, the one that brings you to the sentence in the forum. I learned a lot from the Duo Forum. I would read there why I was wrong, and often other things that I wasn't looking for. That slows me down as I spend time not answering questions, but I think it helped in learning more. Fewer XP but more "wisdom". :)

          Stick with it! <3


          Fred735950, hello!

          Thank you for the great post and pieces of advice. In many ways, they are the same as mine. I get extra dopamine, more specifically endorphin, by pressing Duolingo buttons and reading your interviews because they appear when I don't expect them. And in another case, when in 9 days there will be exactly a year of my daily classes on Duolingo and I am waiting for this to get dopamine.

          Thank you very much.


          Now its just 8. Count down is rolling: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, la fête!


          Beaucoup de félicitations!


          Félicitations. Ca prends vraiment du temps à finir un abre 100%, et pendant ces trois années l'arbre français a changé quelques fois. Bien fait.


          Super, vous avez fait l'effort de commenter en français! Votre vocabulaire est très compréhensible, bravo! Puis je me permettre juste pour vous aider, de corriger quelques petites fautes? ça (il ne faut pas oublier la cédille, c'est comme cela que l'on appelle le "ver" qui se tortille sous le C. ça prend, c'est la troisième personne du singulier, comme avec il ou elle, on ne met pas de S. Je sais, c'est l'inverse de l'anglais! Pour l'expression : "Bien fait" en français, dit comme ça, cela veut dire "c'est tant pis pour toi, bien fait, nanana nanère" une expression que souvent les enfants (ou les méchantes personnes) utilisent, c'est bien fait pour lui (pour elles, pour eux). Si tu veux dire que DL est bien fait, il faut rajouter. Leçon bien faite, cours bien faits.... et cela devient un commentaire positif. Voilà si j'ai pu t'apprendre quelque chose! Moi j'ai terminé au bout de pratiquement un an l'arbre de DL en anglais et je fais le français maintenant pour renforcer mon anglais (et j'ai beaucoup de travail à faire!!!)


          C'est vrai. J'ai pris mon temps. Je n'étais pas pressé.

          Vous:: 421 jours! Et quatre langues a niveau 25! Je suis impressionné. Félicitations!

          Je pense que peut être tu as termine les quatre langues en plus moins de 4 ans.


          Salut ! Je t'adresse toutes mes félicitations. C'est toujours un privilège de voir quelqu'un prendre plaisir d'apprendre à parler français. Pourrais-tu nous dire ce qui t'a motivé et ce que tu comptes en faire ?


          Bien sur tu peux demander a savoir ma motivation.

          ... qui t'a motivé

          • It all started with me wanting to motivate my kids to study a language. I "forced" them to install Duolingo on their phone. But they were not motivated and never did much. So, I thought, I can be the good example, the role model. I install Duolingo on my phone and when they see me doing it, maybe it will help them or convince them to do it too. But in the end, the kids dropped out, but I figured "why not continue for my own sake".

          • apprendre me faire content

          • There are scientific studies that show that "a slightly challenging mental activity" brings more happiness than "passive relaxation". In other words, projects like DIY building of a desk, taking a class in something fun (cooking?), etc. brings much more happiness than relaxing, watching NetFlix or spending hours browsing blindly thru Internet. So, I wanted to be happy, so I threw out the TV and brought Duo to my home. Je voulais être heureux.

          • c'est une meilleure utilisation du temps que Facebook/Instagram/...

          • Imagening myself sitting in a French bistro and ordering a meal. As I run this "movie" through my head, it is just very pleasing.

          • pour communiquer a mes enfants que les langues sont très importantes en la vie, elles sont las portes a la culture et beaucoup plus

          • Je ne sais pas. Pourquoi non?

          ... et ce que tu comptes en faire ?

          • pas grand chose

          • lire un livre

          • au lieu de lire les nouvelles en ligne en anglais, les lire en français. (p.ex. https://fr.wikinews.org/wiki/Accueil)

          • un jour voyager en France des vacances pour pratiquer, pour réaliser mon "film" qui est dans mon tété :)


          Bravo a toi, tu as du courage. Le français est une langue super compliquée, même moi qui suis francophone depuis ma naissance je fais encore des fautes. It's a lot easier to learn english when you speak french than the learn french when you speak english. I try my best. ;-)


          Toutes mes félicitations. Ne partez pas trop loin, et revenez de temps en temps sur votre arbre de français car il y a encore une cinquantaine de nouvelles unités en préparation pour approfondir votre apprentissage.


          Wow, I am honored. The famous Sitesurf wrote me a comment. Yippie! I am a fan of yours! Seen your helpful comments all over the Sentences section of the French Forum.

          You have received more than a dozen of lingots over the last years from me for your top explanation in the sentences!

          I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitute here personally; Thank you Sitesurf for all your past hard work. You helped many people and made many people smile! Merci.

          Quel honneur d'avoir reçu un commentaire de Sitesurf, notre héros. Merci! Merci pour tout ton aide!




          Félicitations Friend


          Well done you. Keep enjoying learning into the future. Bon chance. Michelle


          I agree with with on most of the points. I have taken up several languages through my life but eventially it lost steam and I never completed any of those projects. Then I decided I wanted to learn turkish, I installed some apps and learnt lists of items by heart and then I came upon doulingo with its streaks and the leaderboards and things have been interesting, every minute of it. I too would strive to stay on top of my leader board but then I discovered the forums and I can't stress how important and useful those forums have proven. Now I stick to my 20XPs per day (and more if I find the time ) I passed my 365 day streak last week and I am very pleased. I can read turkish news hearlines, kids stories and understand kids cartoons, like Can. To think that most of those sounded like a load of gibberish just a year ago! But now I understand most of it even if there is a word here and there that is new.

          I am so motivated that I have started the russian and japanese courses also, although I do not study those languages very intently now and my aim is to study the alphabets and simple sentences but once I finish turkish I intend to pick one of those for intensive study. Duo is amazing, I can now read russian words ( most word are actually english words written in cryllic (sp) at least when you are browsing a web page.) Also I have finally nailed Japanese hiragana and kana and can recognize a lot of kanji, without even trying very hard. So if I can gain a working knowledge of a new language every year, I think it is really really great


          Excellent. You are way ahead of me. I am happy for you.

          7 langues! Incroyable!

          Et bien sur, 372 jours un succès à célébrer. Tu peux en être content !


          congratz for finishing the french tree here is a lingot


          Congratulations. That's impressive. Takes a lot of motivation. Im surprised that you only have 61,000 points though. Im at 29,000 points on the French tree and feel like I am only maybe 1/4 of the way through, if that. Were your scores low as you went through it? Did you not do any of the stories and just do the main questions?


          Salut FasnBakeBr

          True, I have only 61000. I never paid attention to that. As a matter of fact I did not even know until a few days again when one of the commentators of this post sent me the duome.eu link.

          Some people do 61,000 XP in 4 weeks, and it took me 3.5 years! C'est drôle.

          Since I never paid much attention to the XP, I really don't know. I have 2 possible guesses:

          • I did few Duo Stories and concentrated on the exercises.

          • Only on rare occasions re-did I exercises that I had done before. Instead in 99% of the cases I started a new exercise.

          • On many occasions I "Tested out" to challenge me. That gives fewer XP but completes the lesson.


          wow bravo, beau travail....c'est en parlant,en lisant , en écoutant la radio,la télévision et aussi juste les gens parler autour de nous qu'on apprend une langue. (et avec duolingo)Rien ne se fait du jour au lendemain... la persévérence...tel que vous faites et avez faites est parfaite. félicitation.


          merci pour vos aimables paroles et votre motivation à poursuivre <3


          Felicitations! C'est incroyable!


          Bonjour, félicitation ! Tu dois bien parler français maintenant, révise quand même de temps en temps car ce n'est pas facile de retenir toutes les règles de grammaire, la conjugaison...


          Bien sûr, tu as raison. Existe-t-il une phrase que veut dire "celui qui se repose devient rouillé" ? [text edited to correct mistake]


          Non je ne crois pas... Et en français, on dit : "existe-t-il une phrase qui veut dire" :)


          Merci, corrigé.

          • 1124

          "Quand on n'avance pas, on recule" .... je pense que ce proverbe français reprend ton idée....

          edit : https://dicocitations.lemonde.fr/citations/citation-856.php


          Exactement! C'est parfait! Cool ;)


          Et si tu fais encore des erreurs, dis toi que même les français en font, j'en suis la pure preuve :)


          Chapeau et félicitations! :D

          There was so much that was relatable from your Duolingo journey and I wished the advice would have came sooner! Unlike your success, I had a massive hiatus two years ago when I was moving countries and was struggling to find the motivation to come back to it. However, a French colleague joined our work team and I was reminded of the very same reasons why I decided to learn new languages, especially French.

          Si vous me permettez à partager, ceux-ci sont des podcasts sur Spotify qui m'avaient beaucoup aidé d'ameliorer mon compréhension français à l'ecoute. Surtout si vous êtes en train de trouver des ressources d'apprentisage au niveau intermédiare :)

          1. https://innerfrench.com/podcast/

          2. https://radiolingua.com/coffeebreakfrench/ (Saisons 2 et 3 - version gratuite sur Spotify)

          3. Et bien sûr, le podcast français sur Duolingo :)

          Hope these will bring you to the next level in listening - it has certainly done it for me (although my verbal skills still have lots of catching up to do!). Enjoy! :D


          Merci pour vos aimables paroles!

          Et merci pour les deux liens de podcast.

          Un autre commentaire m'a donné ce lien:


          En ce moment j'utilise en peu ces 2 podcasts:

          Merci encore!




          bravoo fred you are super


          J'ai regarde ce site: https://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/

          Tres interessant. C'était une petite surprise. Même s'il est écrit "podcast" dans le lien, ce n'est pas vraiment un podcast.

          Il s'agit d'un cours en ligne gratuit, complet et sympa, avec des exercices et des vidéos sur YouTube.


          As a Brazilian, my mother language is Portuguese, which grammar is not so easy, but even so, we can speak it without taking care with mistakes. I can also speak English well, but I can't still understand a whole movie. I also can speak basic German and Spanish. Spanish is a little similar to Portuguese. Now I've been taking lessons of French, Italian and German by Duolingo. In these forty days in a row, one hour a day, I feel that learning languages is fruitful and enjoyable.


          ... is fruitful and enjoyable.

          That is the best of both worlds: enjoying while learning. Salut.


          I would love to be more motivated. Congratulation!


          Mais tu as un niveau de 25 en Français! Et, plus important, tu as 283 jours! C'est magnifique! Plus de "jours" que moi ;) Allons-y!

          [deactivated user]

            Good job! Plus using Duolingo on computer is way better anyway. You dont have hearts so you have infinite chances to finish a lesson. But anyways, back on topic. It's actually great that you've finished the French language tree, now you can somewhat understand French! Good job.


            Working on PC: Yes, I definitely prefer Duolingo on the PC.

            I did not know about the hearts and infinite attempts. One learns something new every day.

            What I noticed and what surprise me: On the PC you do not pay 5 lingots to test out of an exercise. Not that that matters, the only thing that mattered for me was faster entry because of keyboard and the access to other webpages like Forum, dictionary, etc.

            Merci TheNikoNSKgmd!


            Félicitations m'sieur ! :)


            Well done!!! =)


            Muito bom!!! Parabéns!


            I have two questions:

            • Once you are finished with the tree, can you practice?

            • Does it stop cracking skulls in level 1 and level 2 after a while?

            • Once you are finished with the tree, can you practice?

            Yes. There are 2 ways of doing it. There is the "Dumbbell" icon in blue, that gives you a random exercise. Note, that these exercises now only give you 10 XP. Also, so far these random exercises via the dumbell button were rather easy. Not sure, why this is.

            And of course, as always, you can go to any particular exercise that you want to train/revise, select it and click "Practice". Same 10XP, but you can select what you want to learn.

            • Does it stop cracking skulls in level 1 and level 2 after a while?

            So far, NO. For me it has not stopped cracking. Will it every stop? I don't know. I guess I have not waited long enough.

            Félicitations! 482 jours! Je suis un peu jaloux. ;) Just kidding. Je plaisante (??) Seulement content pour toi!


            The XP numbers are different on the smartphone App. I get ten plus a bonus of up to five for completing a lesson.

            The have to stop cracking skulls in these early levels. How often do I have to practice un chien mange une pizza.


            D'accord! Depuis de dix fois "un chien mange une pizza" n'est plus drôle :)


            Et si tu as fini, tu peux toujours faire l'arbre à l'envers. Tu mets que tu parle français et tu apprends l'anglais. C'est différent, tu n'apprends pas la même chose. Et aussi, tu as les histoires que tu peux refaire et qui te rapportes de 20 à 30 exp. Tu peux toujours apprendre un langue aussi


            Bonne idée. Pour l'instant (dans les prochains mois), je veux me concentrer sur l'écoute (par exemple, podcasts, nouvelles). Pas à pas. Mais votre suggestion est une très bonne idée pour l'avenir.

            It is important for me to go slowly, step-by-step to set realistic goals. For now I'll mostly focus on improving my listening skills by listening to podcasts. I'll wait and see how that goes. Your suggestion might be an excellent step thereafter.



            Bien sûr et tu peux aussi écouter des musiques sur des sites. Je t'en donne un ou tu peux ecouter des musique allemandes, espagnoles, françaises, anglaises... C'est un site fait exprès pour ca : https://fr.lyricstraining.com/fr


            C'est incroyable combien de ressources sont disponibles sur Internet. Je suis souvent impressionné!

            And it is kind of "gamified"! Pour en faire plus de facile.

            J'ai tout de suite écouté deux chansons. C'est un petit peu difficile pour moi, mais un petit challenge est une chose positive!

            Excellent! Merci. Et un lingot!


            Félicitations :.)

            Do you want to impove your French further or you will pick a new language ?


            I will stick with French. I will on purpose not pick up a new language. As my personal preference I'd rather continue (another 4 years ha ha ha) to improve my French. My next step is to listen to spoken French, i.e. podcasts, maybe TV news.

            Once I feel I have advanced there and I understand more, my final goal would be to "learn" to be able to follow roughly arbitrary TV shows. But I still see this as a distant goal.

            As a realistic goal, my next step is well defined: "be able to understand 'Easy news in French'".

            The better defined, the more specific my goal, the easier it will be for me to achieve it. So my goal is:

            All this I can do on the cell phone with a podcast app.


            Congrats I've only started French :(


            Prends un lingot pour la motivation!




            Congratulations! Chapeau!


            Wow, simply amazing! And the way you wrote it, is very inspiring too


            merci pour ton compliment ! De rien ;) Et un lingot pour toi <3


            Thanks for sharing :)


            Could it be the accents of the native french speakers you can't understand? I noticed there are accents in english I can't understand a word of- and I'm moving to Ireland where I'll have to deal with this quite a bit. Are they speaking the same kind of french you are learning? I hope that helps <3

            Congrats on finishing your tree and cheers to you, keep going! Listen to french and think in french!


            On TV they definitely spoke an average Parisian French. On the radio podcast I just about to start listening to they speak a very clean (no accent" French, suitable for everyone, especially beginners like me.


            Félicitations Fred735950 pour ton parcours ! Merci pour avoir partagé ta méthode et tes motivations. Je retiens : "tous les jours un petit peu". C'est l'histoire du lièvre et de la tortue, à la fin, c'est la tortue qui gagne, parce qu'elle ne lâche pas l'affaire. :-)


            Vous avez raison. très gentil de votre part <3 merci


            So would you recommend sticking to only duo lingo or using it to get an initial grasp and then use other sources ?


            I think Duolingo is a great start.

            Once half way through you can expand to Duolingo Stories.

            Furtheron, you can add Duolingo Podcast.

            And at the end you can try chatting in person in Duolingo Events.

            But once you have reached a minumum level I think it is good to expand and open the horizon by adding other resources:

            • other podcasts
            • TV news, e.g. on YouTube or French TV websites
            • read French websites, blogs
            • chat to French tourists visiting your country :) [I was able to help lost French tourists that had their car parked illegally avoid a ticket and I showed them a valid parking place. Learned French and made me feel good at the same time.]


            I just noticed that as times goes on the exercises given under "practice" (the blue barbell icon) become more difficult. For a long time these practice exercises were very easy, now slowly they reach some average difficulty. I guess as time goes on they will become more and more difficult. This is excellent because it means that even after everything is "gold" it is still meaningful to do the blue-icon practice exercises. Excellent! Great job Duo.

            PS: Edit: Another month later: Yes, they definitely get slightly harder over time.


            I have a 197 day streak today and I can now change my sentences because it doesn’t sound right. My problem is I have poor hearing even with the volume and my hearing aids turned up so I have difficulties in understanding spoken french, but I will keep going as I now feel I’m beginning to understand


            Continuez ! Ce sera plus facile avec le temps. Faites-moi confiance. Ce sera de plus en plus facile. Je le sais. Je le vois chaque jour.

            Dans tous les cas, vous avez le niveau 25 en français! Félicitations! Et vous avez déjà fait 204 jours.


            Since the latin languages have same grammar, this learning could help to learn Spanish, Italian and Portuguese fast. So all the good luck in future.


            bonne idée. Merci! Bonne chance à vous aussi.


            J'ai terminé l'arbre entier il y a quelques jours. L'expérience pour moi est comme Fred735950. Je peux écrire mais quand je parle c'est vraiment difficile. Aussi c'est très difficile de comprendre les phrases que les autres disent. Ma grammaire n'est toujours pas correcte, mais les gens peuvent probablement me comprendre. J'ai besoin d'étudier pour écouter le français.


            Plus de 1000 jours! C'est fantastique! Merci pour ta commentaire. Prenez un lingot! Moi, j'ai terminé l'arbre, mais l'arbre n'est pas statique, il grandit! C'est pour cette raison que je manque maintenant un certain nombre d'exercices.


            C'est juste pour te corriger sur un truc pas grave du tout mais le mot commentaire est masculin du coup on diras plutôt ton commentaire. Et un deuxième petit point, attention à la cohérence entre tu et vous, si tu tutoies une personne tu dois le faire jusqu'au bout et ne pas utiliser le vous de politesse dans la phrase d'après. Mais bon ce ne sont pas des erreur grave et je suis super admiratif de anglophone qui apprennent le français, Dieu seul sait à quel point c'est une langue compliqué. ;) D'ailleurs je te donne aussi un lingot, tu le mérite.


            Je suis francophone et je confirme que je te comprend parfaitement <3


            Prenez un lingot Monsieur le punisseur roumain!


            Congratulations! I'm very close to finishing the tree too but they keep on adding more and more lessons. ..I have almost 900 crowns and I'm not finished! I need to finish 2 more checkpoints. Did you finish the tree with every crown up to level 5?


            I did, but they added a bunch of new content about a month ago that I'm working my way through. I've got 941 crowns and believe I've got 6 more to go to get my tree back to being fully gold for all 5 levels. I'd completed all the stories too, but they added a ton more of those, so I'm working through them too :). Despite nearly completing the entire course (I've been at it daily for just over 3 years) I still have a very hard time understanding French when it's spoken. My abilities have improved dramatically, but I've still got a long way to go. Good luck!


            I found that to improve my understanding of spoken French what helps a lot is to watch French movies/tv shows with French subtitles, or read a french novel while listening to the audiobook. Also I have a teacher on Italkie and I listen to French radio, mainly France inter.


            For me it was a mixture of reasons. I agree with you fully. I love learning French etc now. I did it at primary school many years ago. It was just a question of finding the time. I think my passion helped definitely as well.


            Congradulations! You are to be commended for setting an example. Enjoy dreaming of your French vacation.


            Attend attend... Tu vas me dire que t'as passé 4 ans à apprendre le Français sur ce site est au final ton niveau est tout juste moyen ? Mais c'est nul car à se niveau là limite prendre un prof 1 mois sera bien plus efficace :s


            rohh laisse à la personne sa petite victoire! Elle a bien dit qu'elle était une élève lente.. Cependant je suis d'accord que Duolingo n'est pas le meilleur, ni le plus efficace outil pour apprendre une langue.



            Oui, es une petite victoire. Je vais faire la fête avec une tasse de bon café et une crêpe du chocolat!

            Il faut célébrer la victoire.


            Encore moi! juste pour te rappeler que les accents (à l'inverse de l'anglais) sont très importants en français. Oui, c'est une petite victoire, ...la fête... du café et une crêpe au chocolat! bravo!


            Encore merci <3 Corrigé!

            observe l'accent en "corrigé" :) :)


            Chaque personne n'a pas le même objectif. Ou le temps. Ou l'argent. Nous sommes trés différents.

            Regardez au positif ... il a finit et il est heureux. Ce sont les choses importants, oui?

            PS Je ne suis pas un bon parlant de français aussi. Alors je ne sais pas si ces phrases sont bonnes.


            Je suis impressionnée! As tu appris toutes ces langues? félicitations! Moi je n'ai que l'anglais à mon actif et j'ai commencé le français pour compléter mes cours d'anglais...Tes phrases sont très bonnes. Par contre" les choses" sont un nom féminin, donc "les choses importantEs. Juste ta phrase "je ne suis pas un bon parlant de français aussi" n'est pas très française!!! mais on comprend bien le sens. Tu devrais seulement dire "je n'ai pas un bon niveau en français" et je te rassure, ce n'est pas le cas, tu as un très bon niveau car on comprend bien ce que tu veux dire! encore toutes mes félicitations!


            bien dit....Francophone aussi...De Mtl (qc)

            • 1124

            Almost well : "regardez LE CôTé positif", " ce sont Des choses importantEs, n'est-ce pas ? (plutôt que "oui") ", "Je ne parle pas, non plus, très bien le français".


            excellent...2 petites erreurs qui ont déjà été mentionnée par BriandNadi..et je suis Francophone en apprentissage de l'anglais depuis quelques semaines.Bravo pour toutes ces langues...wowww


            ... si ses phrases sont bonnes.

            Mieux que "bonne", elles sont parfaites!

            Et oui, tu as raison, je suis heureux. En fait, très content!

            Et encore oui, c'est la chose importante.


            et encore simplement pour aider "ses phrases" ( ce sont les siennes) "elles sont parfaitEs" car c'est le féminin et oui c'est la chose la plus importante! encore bravo!


            fixé? corrigé?

            • 1124



            With so many languages and many of them so advances, I am curious:

            How many months did it take you to get to this level?

            Merci et voici un lingot mais je suis sûr que vous avez déjà beaucoup de lingots :)


            Merci Gerhard212834 pour ton commentaire.

            à chaque personne sa chose. Oui, je suis lent. Pas de problème pour moi. Mais, a fin, il vaut mieux savoir un peu de français que pas du tout.

            A mon avis, j'ai bien utilisé mon temps. (edited from incorrect: De mon avis, j'ai utilisé mon temps bien.) Mieux que avec Instagram ou YouTube.

            Je sais que d'autres personnes peuvent faire de même en 4 mois, mais peut être je suis plus content pour l'avoir fait en 4 ans.

            • 1124

            hello Fred, " A (à) mon avis, j'ai bien utilisé mon temps". Et je suis d'accord avec toi : on n'est pas en compétition ! Le plus important est le bonheur que chacun retire (obtient) de ce qu'il fait ... Tu es un grand sage ;-)


            Gerhard212834 excuse moi mais ce que tu viens de dire est vraiment pas trèes respectueux.... Un prof au privé c'est des frais...et avec duolingo c'est sans frais...si tu lis son texte et que tu arrive a comprendre l'anglais ...il dit qu'il l'a fait à son rythme...à sa vitesse avec des pause...et à ce que je sache..il n'y a aucun délai pour faire les session de francais,anglais ou d'allemand.....Ont n'est pas ici pour juger le rythme des autres.. Moi je suis fier de quelqu'un qui part du niveau zéro ...et par pur plaisirs apprend une langue alors qu'il n'en a pas besoin dans sa vie personnel et professionnel... Là il va s'en servir...mais avant. ..Bref...je te souhaite d'apprendre une langue que tu ne connais pas du tout style peut etre le japonnais,le chinois en moins de 4 ans avec duolingo a temps partiel....et de le parler et l'écrire aussi bien que lui

            • 1124

            "AttendS", "tu as passé", "ET au final", "à Ce niveau là" , "à LA limite".


            Je pense qu'il faut plutôt l'encourager! Moi cela fait un an que j'ai terminé mon arbre DL en anglais et j'ai de grosses difficultés à l'oral. A l'écrit je m'en sors car je peux réfléchir entre deux phrases! Et juste pour te signaler, que le français parlé ne s'écrit pas! "t'as passé" n'existe pas à l'écrit , uniquement à l'oral (tu as passé) et le "se niveau", pour t'aider, on utilise "se" juste avec un verbe, devant un nom on met C, donc "ce niveau". Je dis tout cela car j'ai toujours apprécié les anglophones qui corrigeaient mes fautes d'orthographe.

            Learn French in just 5 minutes a day. For free.