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French learning through media

Has anyone found any good movies or Television series to pair with learning french that aren't too difficult to start with?

April 30, 2020



I don't know your tastes, so I can't recommend you anything specific. However if you have Netflix, many shows (especially newer ones) have the option to dub them in different languages with subtitles. So you can find a show you are interested in, dub it into French and watch it with English, French or no subtitles depending on your level.

If you like shows from other countries and want to continue watching them in their original language (e.g. I watch Japanese and Korean shows), you can watch them as they are but with French subtitles instead of English.

This is what I do and it has helped me a lot.


There are a number of films and series on Netflix. You can use the search bar and type in "français." I watched all the episodes of Mythomaniac. I've also watched a few episodes of Marseilles, Appelez mon agent, and Mauvaises Herbes. The foreign-language series on Netflix that I have enjoyed most have been Babylon Berlin (in German) and 3% (in Portuguese.)

If it doesn't bore you too much, you can watch the news. I watch france24 "en direct" regularly. The French talking heads are very much like the US talking heads: depressing. But, they are generally well educated, they enunciate clearly, and they don't use slang, so they are easy to understand.

There's one series on youtube with maybe 10 episodes called extr@ French. It may be too basic for you, though. There is also a blogger, Nathalie Porte, who has a blog called nathalie FLE which I watched for a long time and I found it helpful.


Hi ! Frenchie here... I don't really know your taste but I can advise you two great french shows on Netflix: Osmosis and Very Secret Service. I saw someone else said that you can also learn with just shows dubbed in french but... Trust me, our dubs are not that good so I think that shows with a french OV would be better. But also ofc shows in a language that you already know with french subs could be an option !

Hope it was helpful.

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If you want a show filmed in French with a fair amount of slang you could try "The Circle France".

It's a reality show where a bunch of people stay in separate rooms with no face-to-face contact with each other; they just send texts to each other and try to be the most popular (while maybe pretending to be someone they're not). The show has the contestants talking out loud all the time (even though there's noone to talk to), literally reading the texts that are on the screen. So it's easier to follow than normal dramas or comedies in French.

It's more watchable than it sounds (though I won't say it's "good"). I find myself laughing at how absurd it is fairly regularly. And the language usage is interesting, particularly the slang (which includes a lot of English). All the contestants figured out one contestant was much older than "he" claimed because "he" kept using phrases from decades past (including some I think I'd been taught in years past!) and was confused about newer expressions.


Just something related to the current actuality. It begins with a song from Jacques Brel, a difficult one in French, I even cannot imagine how the singer didn't mix the order of his own sentences. Then you have the lockdown adaption, easier and subtitled but the rythm stays quick. Hope you will enjoy.



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