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"They are jealous and don't want to talk to each other anymore."

Translation:Ils sont jaloux et ne veulent plus se parler.

April 30, 2020



Why can't plus come at the end?


"Ils sont jaloux et ne veulent pas se parlent plus." was rejected. Why?


In addition to pas being incorrect to include when you're already using the ne...plus construction, the verb se parler should be kept in the infinitive form, since veulent is the main verb and thus already conjugated.


FYI, there are a lot of ne ... X words! You can use ne ... jamais (never), ne ... rien (nothing) and yet more. It's a good idea to make a list, and each time you come up against a new one, add it!

I should have thought through my note-taking better before starting it. If it were a language totally new to me I'd have an excuse, but I did French at school (a long time ago!) so I should have known better. I've been listing things like colours, ways to tell the time, directions, faire ... X phrases/verbs, etc. When I've completed the course my aim is to go through the notebooks and list everything I should have been doing from the start! There will be quite a few negatives, as it were! Good luck :)


You can't use pas when you use ne ... plus


Would the following be correct? "Ils sont jaloux et ne veulent pas se parler non plus"


No! Not ...anymore is ne....plus. You can't insert non.

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