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  5. "She hears birds."

"She hears birds."

Translation:Ze hoort vogels.

July 23, 2014



how do you know when to add an "en" for plural or an "s" e.g. vogels or honden?


I had to go and read about it, since it's still tricky for me ;)


With most nouns, you add -en to make the plural form.

Now, to know whether to add -s or -en, there are some guidelines (7).


√ nouns ending in a single open/long vowel (a, i, o, u, y)

√ names of letters and acronyms.


√ doffe e (an e that sounds as a schwa, the e in de). ziekte > ziektes (Careful! Some take -en to form the plural: kapelle>kapellen)

√ some nouns ending in double e (thee>thees -careful! Because zee>zeeën)

√ nouns ending in an unstressed vowel combination (mainly, -ie)

√ unstressed endings: -el, -em, -el, -erd, -aar, -aard, -um (this one, coming from Latin, can change into -a, as in museum>musea)

√ stressed endings -eur and -foon

√ person's titles or professions that end in -oor and -ier

√ loan words that form their plural with an -s in their original language.

For more information, read:



Hope this helps.


Can we say Zij instead of Ze? Or would it be wrong? Or are they interchangeable? Can someone clarify? Thanks

[deactivated user]

    'zij' is stressed while 'ze' isn't. So depending on what you want you choose one or the other :) . See: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3734337


    You can use it both here :) You can almost always use ze or zij.. Only when ze is plural (they), you can't use zij, since zij is singular.


    hi Suus, zij is they as well


    Is vogelen not a plural form of bird? I know we learned vogels, but I wanted to see if vogelen was valid, which from what I can tell is used online. But perhaps it isn't correct for some reason.


    No, vogelen is not the plural of vogel. We do have the verb 'uitvogelen' (to figure something out)


    Ok so it's clear it's not the plural now, but what does Vogelen actually mean? O_o

    http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vogelen http://www.vlaamswoordenboek.be/definities/term/vogelen


    It means to watch birds :)


    Zij is also accepted, just not with listening exercises because ze and zij are pronounced differently.


    Is this a Dutch expression?

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