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  5. "Beth is not here."

"Beth is not here."

Translation:Chan eil Beathag ann.

April 30, 2020



Would ' chan eil Beathag an seo' work as well?


Actually I think this translation is wrong, chan eil Beathag ann would be Beth is not there or there’s no Beth there or sth like that. It should be an seo for here… Did you report it?

EDIT: as pointed out in a reply by phoenix7777777 (the post got deleted since, I don’t know why, but thanks for pointing it out!), the notes state:

This structure can be used for much more than just the weather though:

  • Tha Seòras ann. - George is here.
  • Tha cat ann. - A cat is here.

Practice makes perfect here. You will see this combination used a lot in Gaelic.

So it seems it is an expected translation in the course and I was too quick to judge it wrong.

Anyway, ann means there or here as in general existence: tha X ann, as I understand it, means something along the lines of there is X somewhere in existence, and if X is material, we probably can see it now.

If you really want to point to here as a place close to you, then still I think you should use an seo, and chan eil Beathag an seo still should be accepted. ;-)


You're welcome! Started to doubt myself, that's why... glad you caught it before I removed it.

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