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Intermittent issue in unit credit -

Several times lately, on completing a lesson, i get the notice that I have strengthened some seemingly arbitrary earlier unit.
For example, I just completed lesson 9 of abstract objects, and on completion it announced " You have strengthened Food" which is completely unrelated.... (well one question referenced cheese ) It seems to be a bug.

fyi, Love and recommend duolingo to everyone. I am going for a one year streak.....

July 23, 2014

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Skills can overlap in the words that they teach, in that the sentences we pull up for later lessons will have words from earlier lessons. Since skill strength is based on the word strength of words in that skill, it is possible to strengthen earlier skills with later lessons.

For example, if you're doing a lesson from Verbs Present 1, and you are presented with several sentences like The man runs or The girl eats an apple and you get them correct, you strengthen man, girl, and apple by affirming you know their translations, which would subsequently strengthen Basics 1.

Hope that makes sense!

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