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  5. "Are you there right now?"

"Are you there right now?"

Translation:A bheil thu an-sin an-dràsta fhèin?

April 30, 2020



Doesn't an-drasta mean just now? Is the fhein for immediate in the moment?


We had to translate into Gaelic and were given three options, including

A bheil thu an sin an-dràsta fhèin?
A bheil sibh an sin an-dràsta fhèin?

There was absolutely no way to even guess which was the correct answer.


Just like the ones where only the names of the people differ... ;-)


Hey, if this happens again, could you submit a bug report? Preferably with screenshots, if possible. I've never heard of that happening, because 'sibh' and 'thu' (in theory) shouldn't be used interchangeably in autogenerated exercises.


Nì mi sin.

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