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Notifications and Reminders

Hi! For online learning in times of quarantine I am sending a lot of Duolingo assignments to my students. They love the interface! However, my 9 year-old students don't have email addresses and I am wondering if Duolingo has any features in the works regarding how to notify/remind of assignments to students directly on their iPads. If anybody knows anything about this please reply! Thanks!

April 30, 2020



How are you communicating with your 9-year olds, pleano? There's no substitute for an actual teacher explaining the assignment! :)


We have live classes. I use Duolingo as flexible practice. But when in iPads, the kids don't see any reminders or "assignment notifications" and that's what my question is about.


Hmmm... Then the best you can do is tell them verbally what the assignment is.

How do 9-year olds do with Duolingo, by the way? How is their spelling and reading? Do they get "dinged" a lot for typos and misspellings?

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