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Frustrated each time I create an assignment.

This happens each time I create an assignment--I've been dealing with this issue for the past three years, and each time, I get frustrated and swear I'll never make an assignment again. My students follow the link to the assignment from their email... They log points, sometimes "completing" the assignment, and the points don't register on my end. For instance, I had a student take a screenshot showing that he had logged 100 points worth of exercises today. On my end, it reads 15/100. Am I the only one who encounters this? I love Duolingo for the language learning features, and my students find it engaging and fun, but the amount of follow-up and checking in that these assignments require do not make it worth my time. I essentially have to ask the kids to earn some points, check with me, then I check on my end, and then they can proceed; but a lot of times, I do not see any of their progress. It is SO frustrating, especially during this quarantine.

April 30, 2020
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