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  5. "Do you serve breakfast?"

"Do you serve breakfast?"

Translation:Est-ce que vous servez le petit déjeuner ?

April 30, 2020



Would "du petit déjeuner" work in spoken French? Duo marked that wrong.


Hi! Native French speaker here.

Unfortunately no, it’s not grammatically correct.

  • « Le petit déjeuner » is how we call the breakfast. With the « Le ».

So, your sentence would not really make sense for us…

Did that answer your question?

Bonne journée et bonne étude!


yes, we serve breakfast, but only at dinner


tu serves le petit dejeuner??


Servir is an irregular verb. The tu form is sers. There are several -ir verbs conjugated in a similar way: dormir, partir, sortir, etc. With (the present indicative of) these verbs, the plural forms are like regular -er verbs, and the singular forms take off the final consonant of the stem and add s/s/t:

je sers/dors/pars
tu sers/dors/pars
il sert/dort/part


Even if you had the correct verb form, I don’t think I would ever use ‘tu’ in this context. It sounds like a request to an employee in a cafe or hotel. The formal vous is usually required in this situation.


Why not, "Vous servez le petit déjeuner?" ?


I'm constantly perplexed by the arbitrary switches between the tu and vous forms. What context clues should I be looking for? "Tu sers le petit déjeuner?" is wrong...but why?


Look for the context! In situations like this, where you're most likely talking to a hotel employee, you use the formal vous :)

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