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My new lockdown hobby!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Duolingo and have decided to start learning French (for the first time since school!).

I am planning to do a road trip around France once the lockdown is over and everything returns to normal. Having read the forum, everyone seems very friendly and any tips to help me learn are much appreciated!

April 30, 2020



My standard tips:

Make sure you read the tips before each skill - and sentence discussions after the lesson. Take notes. And use the hover method (do not take each skill to level 5 quickly) - https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/ (this gives you the best chance to remember long term and to understand the material)

Plus all the usual things for studying. Eat well. Sleep well. Take mini-breaks every 10-15 minutes and long breaks every 90 minutes or so.


Thank you Judit, I really appreciate the tips!


C'est une belle langue!


Hi Tom,

If you want to retain the French long term, then I'd STRONGLY recommend following the tips from:


Taking things slowly enough is probably a good idea too ... but maybe that's just a limitation of my poor tired brain!

If you are not geo-blocked then https://www.learner.org/series/french-in-action/ is very useful (it works in the US).

Good luck! Stick at it!


It's not your poor tired brain. It's all of our poor tired brains. Le français me donne mal à la tête chaque jour. Trop de français, mais je veux l'apprendre.


Wow! We think along the same lines! I decided to learn Greek, and I'm going to go to Greece for my next vacation.


Amazing! Wow, good luck with your Greek and hope you enjoy your future location!


Sounds nice hope you have fun . Is Greek interesting ?


Good choice, French is an amazing language!!! Also same here I started duolingo cause of the lock down too!!! Happy learning


A perfect time to learn a new language! Thank you, happy learning too!


Hey Tom! I’ve recently started French also, it’s been really fun so far, and the first time I’ve learnt a language since school so it seems pretty approachable from English, something I’ve noticed really helps is reading something you’re already interested in but in French, say for example if you’re a sports fan follow a team of your chosen sport on social media that’s from a Francophone country, because you’re interested anyway it’ll be fun to try and translate on the go and being social media the posts will pop up randomly through your day and make you do a quick lesson, also you’ll learn more conversational phrases, as example I love hockey so I read articles and watch games in French from Montreal, it’s helped me a lot, there’s also a lot of French movies and tv shows on Netflix, it’s fun to watch in French but with English subtitles, you’ll pick up common phrases here and there but also gets your brain used to the flow of the language and the accents, above all have fun with it!


That is really good advice, thank you Mitch!


watch French films it will your vocabulary


Well, he just started. Watching films isn't going to help much until almost B1. I'd recommend watching kids' television shows. They're physically painful to watch but they can help.


Thank you, I appreciate the tip!


Not until you already have a reasonable vocab and basic grammar - plus idioms. Listening to French is a good idea - however - without going for understanding.


I've also been learning French on Duolingo for some time now. It is a great stress reliever, lol. I would have to agree with Judit294350 tips; pacing yourself is critical. Also, make sure you turn on notifications for the app to help remind you to practice daily. Use the competition scoreboard to keep you motivated to excel. I would also recommend finding some of your favorite songs translated into French and learn the lyrics from the song; music is a great way to place information into your longterm memory.


That's a really good idea! Thank you for the tips, I'll be singing all the time in French before I know it ;)


You're welcome!


Where you would like to go in France ? :)


I would love to go everywhere and experience the culture and history! Paris would be amazing but I would also like to visit the south of France too, for example Toulon or Nice!


Oh yes, that would be cool ! It's funny, before, I lived in Toulon (during 10 years, I'm French) and this city is beautiful I love it, it's a very beautiful destination ! :)


Welcome, Tom. I joined just about a month ago, due to the stay-at-home virus thing.

Have fun picking up more French, and planning out your trip to France.


Thank you Jimmy, I hope your learning goes well!


Just Keep motivated dudde, the reward from this studies are really worth job


Thank you! Such an exciting challenge and a great skill to have!

[deactivated user]

    Welcome! Here are two lingots. :)


    Thank you Ashley, very kind of you! :)


    Supplement Duolingo with another resource that teaches you useful phrases and sentences. Duolingo uses many sentences that you are never likely to need. Also make sure that you listen to French more than you read. Never try to read French without audio in the early stages or you risk establishing wrong pronunciation at the outset.


    Duolingo uses many sentences that you are never likely to need.

    And parroting phrases is better? DL teaches you to make your own sentences - which is what you do need. (The real problem with DL is you cannot make your own sentences - just translate theirs).


    That's really good advice, thank you Jenny! Appreciate it :)


    I started French during lockdown 2 I am an absolute beginner though it is a great way to timekill 4 me during quarantine


    That's great! I hope your learning is going well. And that everything goes as planned!


    I gave you a lingot too btw!


    Thank you Ghosty! Good luck with your French too!


    Good luck! I hope you enjoy learning French as much as I am.


    Listen to french music to immerse yourself in the sounds and really any form of french speaking videos you find on youtube as long as they're simple. I find that the hardest part when starting a new language is being able to understand when people talk as the speech rhythms are vastly different from English. Good luck though man, it's a fun language to learn :)


    Thank you! Really good advice :) Appreciate it!


    I wish I could go to France. Especially in Paris!


    french is one of my favorite languages. I'm really excited to take it freshman year, I mean I'm getting a head start because of Duolingo. sadly my middle school had to cancel our trip to Paris for the end of the school year because of lockdown. we were supposed to leave for France right after all of our testings was done.


    Oh no, that's a shame! I'm sure you will visit Paris one day and get to show off your French skills to your friends!


    Brilliant! Thank you Alexa :)

    [deactivated user]

      I also started in the lockdown from 22nd March.Sorry! I am Learning since 2020-04-09


      Wish you luck!


      btw here's a lingot


      Try to get a 10 day streak or try to read a french book.


      You'll need more than DL to read a real book.

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