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"Il raconte seulement des mensonges, c'est fou !"

Translation:He only tells lies; it's crazy!

April 30, 2020



Could « c'est fou » also mean, "he's crazy" in this sentence? My answer was, "He only tells lies; he's crazy" and this was marked incorrect.


not here. he has already been mentioned--il raconte. so he's crazy has to be; 'il est fou.' "c'est fou" must be impersonal here--"that's crazy."


All right, might someone help me out with a serious question about partitive (or as choacavaco points out, indefinite) articles, please: if all he tells are lies, why is the article here des and not les?


make it about a single lie. is it A lie or THE lie? it might even be clearer in future. will he tell A lie or THE lie? the plural of 'un' is 'des'.

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