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Duolingo has help me to discover my hidden Natura talent

i really enjoy the learning style used by Duolingo, i am a slow learner, this has perfectly work for me, Today i can boost of Speaking French and Spanish at the intermediate level without going to any language School, i believe with more practice, i will be fluent, all thanks to Duolingo

May 1, 2020



I am glad you are making progress. But I am curious, how have you determined you are "Speaking French and Spanish at the intermediate level"? This seems very odd as DL takes you through beginner reading - but not even that in speaking.


That's great! Keep learning!


I love duo it's so amazing! It's the only way l have ever learned a language and l love it!


I started today and i alredy like it i am lerning so much better than a person teaching me 2


well done keep going you get to have a lingot

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