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"If you spend the night in front of the screen, your head will hurt."

Translation:Si tu passes la nuit devant l'écran, tu auras mal à la tête.

May 1, 2020



What's wrong with 'si vous passez la nuit devant l'écran vous aurez mal à la tête' please someone.


Accepted 5 August 2020


It is absolutely correct..


It does seem to be an unlikely sentence though. It is not the kind of thing that is likely to be said to someone who you vouvoyer, and spending the whole night in front of a screen tends to be a solitary activity, so it is not likely to be plural either.

It may have been a deliberate choice to disallow it. (But they give the impression that they get it wrong by accident so frequently that it's anybody's guess!).

IMHO, the prudent translator would choose "tu".


Why is it la nuit and not le soir?


The implication is that he spent the whole night in front of the screen, not just the evening.


si tu passes la nuit devant l'ecran tu feras mal a la tete

"Faire mal" is "hurt oneself", so can someone please tell me - why the above sentence is wrong? Thanks in advance!


"faire mal", with a body part is to hurt, so you can say "... ta tete te fera mal.", a better translation imo.


Thank you!


it's "OF the screen" so why isnt it "de l'ecran"??


Vous should have been fine


'Si vous passez la nuit devant l'écran, vous aurez mal à la tête' was accepted for me.

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