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  5. "Dat is een snel kind."

"Dat is een snel kind."

Translation:That is a fast child.

July 23, 2014



Is it 'snel' here instead of 'snelle' because kind is neuter (meaning there is no implied gender)? I was under the assumption that any adjective coming before the noun had an 'e'. (Ex: kleine meisje, grote hond)


No, it's "snelle" for all nouns unless the phrase uses "een" in which case it's "snel." read tips and notes.

het snelle kind

een snel kind

het kleine kind

een kein kind


Note that this is only for "het" words. Also per the tips and notes.


No, its "snelle" for all nouns unless the phrase uses "een" and its a "het" word then its "snel"

Een kleine kat Een klein paard


Or if a het-word follows 'geen' or nothing: 'We hebben geen schoon water' and 'Schoon water is schaars'.


and is singular in number


Dat is een snelle koe vs. "Dat is een snel kind....oh dear! i do not get it why, unless ..............oh yes ”het” word .............het kind and de koe. EVRIKA!!! :))


What means snel in dutch? I mean 'snel jongen' is a boy who understands smth quickly or does smth without delays? Or snel is about running? I ask it, because english is not my native language:)


I remember the word snel since travelling the trains in Holland. You can buy a slow ticket fare or a fast ticket fare. I went on the Snel"fast" transportation. Here in Canada we call our "fast" transportation the "Go Train". They promise it to be fast but it is not fast. Though, it is better to fight global warming-climate change to travel on public transit.


I had to read through all the comments three times to understand what is being said (I think). Am I getting this right? =>

Dutch has 3 genders for nouns: masculine, feminine and neuter. When conjugating an adjective like snel/snelle in a sentense we use the form snelle, unless the noun is a "het noun" and it is in the indefinite singular form, i.e. het kind > een snel kind, but het kind > het/de snelle kind.

So for de man or de vrouw, it would still be: een snelle man, een snelle vrouw, etc.

Asking, because I don't know if it's even possible to access notes on mobile. Please feel free to tell me how to do that, if it's possible. Thanks.


Will "de ui"l accept kid for kind?


Why "een snel" instead of "een snelle"?


This has been answered above. Kind is a het-woord, so adjectives don't get the final -e before it when it follows een or geen:

Dat is het snelle kind

Dat is een snel kind

Dat is geen snel kind


Have a look at the explanations above.


Mc5B's question was never answered, and I have the same one. Can the concept of speed (snel or langzaam) connote learning or comprehension ability in addition to rate of travel, as it would in English?


German here. I assume you can use 'snel' and 'langzaam' also in the context of comprehension ability. In German it is possible. And I have the feeling that I heard it native Dutch speakers using like that.


why "It is a quick kid" is wrong ??


Can someone clarify when to use snelle vs snel? Dank je

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